Why, when and how did you start studying English?

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Question: Why, when and how did you start studying English?


- It was my parent’s idea. It was in 1995, I was thirteen and not interested in English at all. --> Yes, I’ve already thanked them. Nowadays I continue studying it, but now because I love the language and I know how important it is to my professional career and to my future as a whole.

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Hello everyone,
I've been studying English since 5 months ago. Indeed I always did study English, but with much strength right now. I started because in my work it's necessary but it did leave to be work and now it's addictive and very interesting. I want to learn english completely and after to learn German :)

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Hi, everyone. I started learning English by playing video games. Every single new word that I read, when I was playing, I searched for its meaning in the dictionary. So, I started reading books about English language to learn its grammar. Almost everything I know about english language, I learned by myself. But I still have too much to learn.

I just started to learn english last week in "wisup" because of my profession, i work with I.T and i think that this knowledge will help me.


I've been studying English for seven years. I started when I was 16 years old.
Music was the subject that showed me how important is to learn English.
I love to learn English. That's my thing =)

I started studying English in 2009.
I've always dreamed about studying English. Because in high school I only had contact with the language by translating word by word. I've always thought that was not enough for me.
Now I can understand people! It's amazing!
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Hi. I learned english because simply I thought be cool speak other language. I learned alone, in school, at home, and in the dictionary. And now I am learning more here :D.

I've won a scolarship of the government for three years of English. Before it I already liked English, I used to have the best grades in the whole school and always trying to speak, and after I won it I start to learn a lot and practice it. Now a days, I'm in the 3rd year and I consider myself a good speaker and, of course I can get better, a lot of more interest in this language. But I keep getiing better...

I always liked english, I had a big wish to speak english very well. I started learning english for years ago, but I stopped two years ago because my daughter was born. Now, I started learning again, I hope to keep on e day after day improve my english

Arandir 75 3
I've been studying English because I like it so much.
There's no doubt that I'll need to speak in English in the short run but there's no reason in sight.

Arandir 75 3
I've been studying English for just one and half year but I already studied English a long time ago when I was a child.

Artful Dodger 4500 6 13 103
I started learning English four and a half years ago: I was in college and I had just found out that I would need it for some of the subjects there. Slightly bewildered by that revelation, I decided I should do something.

In the following month, I did a placement test for a language course provided by the university and I was placed at a pre-intermediate level. Before that, I had never been to a language school; I had learned everything I knew regarding English by watching sitcoms.

After I finished my 2-year course, I studied by myself for another two years and now I'm taking a proficiency course in order to take the CPE [Cambridge Proficiency Exam].



I started studying two years ago, at Fisk. Why i began? Simple! For two things: An anime and a book. The anime just have in japanese with translation in English. The book - with i already say here - is the best! the best book of thriller that i read. So, i decided bought the book in english because the other ( 5 -10 ) don't have in Brazil. Now, i can read it. There problems, but i don't care

beatriz lorrayne
I decided to study because I like Inglês Inglês, I intend to travel to disney and I will work using the english.Eu started studying this language three years ago in a language course.

I guess I started to study english when I borned. Seriously, it's since always. But that doesn't mean I'm good hahaha

Well, I started studying English because I ike and the job market demands. I've still got a lot of difficulty, especially in conversation. But, I'm trying...

Bruno objane
I beggin to study when I was a child. And all a human beings need to study because is the aproved way to increase a knowlegement.

Wow,think about it kind of gives me the blues.I feel a little melancholic when i remember that i started to really enjoy english when i first saw Spider-man on the movie theater back in 2002,when i was just twelve years old.Then i saw how important english would be to me be able to become something so amazing as the green goblin.Since then i have improved a lot my english and specially because i have never taken any english class.Today i think how important that event was for me,my first language half learnt was catalized by that moment and then came french italian and german.All these languages i already don't know but i wll soon.That's what everybody call real globalization. :idea:

Camila e Bruno
I started to study English, because in the last centuries the English became a second language ... and English opens many doors for the labor market.

I always enjoyed to learn languages. I studied in several different courses in my country, Brazil. In 2006, I needed to move to US. Since 2006 I had studied in class to immigrants and free online English classes too. I have to improve my conversation and grammar now.

Carlos Schults
I don't think there is a reason for I started studying English.
I just like the language, ever since I can rememeber.

However, I never had the opportunity to study in an English School.
Since I was about 14 or 15, I started listenning to music and trying to translate them, as well as watching movies with English subtitles.

Not like a duty, but just for fun.

In the last year, a friend of mine told me about English Experts, and since them I've been visiting the site to improve my skills.

By the way, this is my very first post in the Forum, so please correct me if I did any mistake.

I was 10, I think. I didn't have much interest in English, but I loved to play my video-game - A Mega Driver. I got a game, Scooby-Doo Mystery, in which I had to follow clues to solve a mystery. Ir order to do that, this game had a lot of dialogues, and I had no idea of what I was doing.
I was getting my first English classes at fundamental school, and I was enjoying learning the verb "to be"... But, playing the game, I knew I needed MORE!
So, while playing, I made this sudden decision to understand the game... And started copying all the dialogues. They were fast, so I had to copy it quite quickly. After copying everything, I went translating word to word, and putting then in a way I could understand. This was my first hard contact with the English language. Since then, I love it.
After that, I kept studying English, not only at school classes, and learned a lot specially with dialogues of many games I played and with the lyrics of classic rock music - a great passion.

I've studied English for years, that is, since I was a child. My first contact with the English language was when I lived in Natal (RN), Northeast Brazil. After, my family has moved to Belém (PA), Northern Brazil, where I started learning English again. Learn a different language and know people from outside Brazil were the main reasons for studying English. Today, I buy english books and magazines to practice and talk with some foregn friends .

I've ever had english class at school. Since my first contact with the language, I liked. I had very good grades.
I started listening music, seeing movies ... in english plus (legenda). But an especific course, I just looked for in the last year, 2010.
One of my dreams it's go to England, USA or Canada to do high school in a year. (intercambio)

danilorpo 5
Why, when and how did you start studying English?

Let's to answer this question!

In my case, I've started to study English when I was 12. However, in that time I wasn't really interested in studying English. I've studied for 2 years. After that, I gave up to study this language. It's been twelve years ago. Two years ago, I've decided to return to my english class. I got ticked off, becuase I had to go to basic level, I was a upper intermediate level. Although I had got angry, it helped me to focus in learning the language. Now, I'm in advanced level again.

It's extremely important to know a foreign language, because every country is linked each other. And English is the most used language in meetings, contracts and something else.

I think there isn't a better way to study any language, because each person has you own way. For example. I'm addict in movies and series, but I'm not good with songs... I have a difficult in understand what people are singing...

I think that's it for today.
I hope it helps you all.

By the way, Happy Easter!

I like English since I was a child. My mother couldn't afford to pay for a course I strove in school! I grew up and decided I wanted to be an English teacher but I had a lot of pressure and chose law. Big mistake!!
Today, I'm finishing the course and can't wait to get into the college of letters...

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I started studying English because I was getting bad grades in school.It was in 1988,I began to enjoy it more and more as time passed until it became an addiction,now it is a profession.


I started to study english some years ago, 1 or 2...
and today i'm totally rewarded by that already..

I can search and find internet content in english, and be able to understand it, and use it, is just a great thing..

That's one of the biggest things... you can search something not only using portuguese, but english, and discovers other kind of opinion, who might be from other kinds of cultures and so on...

i feel truly joyous... Learn english was some one of the best things i have been doing...


that's another huge turn on for me..


Flavia.lm escreveu:Question: Why, when and how did you start studying English?

It was my parent’s idea. It was in 1995, I was thirteen and not interested in English at all. --> Yes, I’ve already thanked them. Nowadays I continue studying it, but now because I love the language and I know how important it is to my professional career and to my future as a whole.

Now it is your turn!
I starded to study English three years ago at Cultura Inglesa in Rio de janeiro. Since when I was a child my dream was to study English,because I listened a lot of musics in English so I became interested in the language,but I had no money in this time to pay the course, mainly because I was a child and didnt work. Finally when I finished my graduation I decided to start the course, was the best thing I did, because nowadays to learn English is essential to join in a good company.I am very happy studyng English but I have to improve more and more.


Ellen Priscila Louz
I started studying English when I was 13 years old, in 1997. I kind of got interested because of a friend, who had started language school already. However, my mom was much more concerned about it than me.

ENG_rafael 10
I started studying English by the time I was fifteen, because I had attended to another school and my teacher was requiring us a little more about that language that I wasn't good at. I got desperated, since I had come from a poor school and I didn't learn English as much as I could do. I waited for two or three weeks until realize an English course was necessary in order to get good grades and also, learn this important and cool language.

I remember that I said to my dad: if I don't take some extra English classes, I will not be able to understand classes and which it's worst, not capable to be approved in that subject. By this way, my father paid me a English course near home and my future in that subject was safed. In fact, after some simple extra classes it was crystal clear that my teacher was requiring us only ordinary concepts and I could realize I would have to study English a lot, day after day, in order to learn it as much as it's essential nowadays for who wants to compete in the workplace. Now I am studying engineering and it's certain speaking English with confidence, with a good level, is almost an obligation.

These days I've studied it by myself and I am glad with the results, you know.

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