Words who Shakespeare Invented

As everybody knows, shakespeare are the most famous writer in world. So, I've discovered when I was reading a Brazilian Didactic book called "Hamlet - The Prince of Denmak", who Shakespeare was invented about 12,000 words, many words who we know today in English vocabulary. And I begin think: who a man invented this words in less time? Many work, not?
These words was invented and placed after shakespeare dead. I'll listed this now.

As are much words, I've choiced few.

accused, addiction, alligator, amazement, anchovies, assassination, backing, bandit, bedroom, bump, buzzers, courtship, critic, dauntless, dawn, design, dickens, discontent, embrace, employer, engagements, excitements, exposure, eyeball, fixture, futurity, glow, gust, hint, immediacy, investments, kickshaws, leapfrog, luggage, manager.

besmirch, bet, blanket, cake, cater, champion, compromise, cow, denote, deracinate, dialogue, dislocate, divest, drug, dwindle, elbow, enmesh, film, forward, gossip, grovel, hobnob, humour, hurry, impedes, jet, jig, label, lapse, lower, misquote, negotiate, numb, pander, partner, petition, puke, rant, reword, secure, submerge, swagger, torture unclog

aerial, auspicious, baseless, beached, bloodstained, blushing, circumstantial, consanguineous, deafening, disgraceful, domineering, enrapt, epileptic, equivocal, eventful, fashionable, foregone, frugal, generous, gloomy, gnarled, hush, inaudible, invulnerable, jaded, juiced, lackluster, laughable, lonely, lustrous, madcap, majestic

importantly, instinctively, obsequiously, threateningly, tightly, trippingly, unaware

So, don't have 12,000 words there, but you can realize who work shakespeare have do. Without this words, how we would can express? Enjoy! Find the meanings of these words and study in sentence. Bye, Bye English Experts.
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