Would you like to move to another country? Which one? Why?

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Logan18 escreveu:If I have to move to another country I'd like to live in Italy or Canadá, surely I'd give preference to live in Canadá, I think Canadá is a safe place to live, everyone here who ever have been in Canadá always come back with a lot of a good news, it's simply amazing, they come back talking about the healthcare system, the people who live in there and about the accomodations that there are in Canadá. In my point of view, Brazil is Also a good place to live in, but the violence and the criminality make people feel afraid of live here, even so I'm proud of my country.

Go on Brazil!

Logan, a few very minor suggestions.

Normally there is no "accent" used in English, so it is Canada. If I ... I am sure I'd give preference to living in Canada. I think Canada is a safe place to live, everyone here who has been there always comes back with a lot of praise for the country and its healthcare system, the people, and the infrastructure. Brazil is, in my opinion, a good place to live, in spite of the violence and the crime rates that scare the people, and I am proud of my country.

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Yeah... I'd like to live in Germany for a few years to improve my German.
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Ravenna escreveu:Yeah... I'd like to live in Germany for a few years to improve my German.


The only word I would change would be Yeah and instead use Yes.

While yeah is now considered a proper word, just a few short decades ago, when I was in school, it was slang and its use was discouraged, so this is a very minor change indeed.

Otherwise a very nice, concise, and grammaticlly correct sentence.
Well... I've already thought about that and i concluded I wouldn't. I' d live for a while just to study, to improve, specially my oral English. And for such a long time, I'd choose US, but after all that has been happening, I changed my mind: Canada or Australia would fit me well, just to study, not to live!!! :D
Avatar do usuário Ravenna 70 3
I got it Bill, thanks!
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I wouldn`t, because I`m strongly rooted here in Brazil, i have no reason to do that. Go abroad? For me, just for visiting.
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If I may, you had a minor capitalization error "i" should have been "I" have no reason ...

Otherwise very good.
Avatar do usuário ailime 60 1

Thank you very much for correcting me.
It was typo!
Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
No, I don't intend to move to another country, I prefer to live in Brazil... I don't like to live so far away from my family.

But I'd like a lot to go to other countries (for example USA) just to visit... for tour.
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I really would like to travel to Japan or our dear USA. I do love their culture! Japan have a beautiful culture which mix the tradicinal and the modern at the same time....and the citys have a wonderful energy, the people are so...colorful :D
At USA we have the glamour, happy people and of course people that speaks the language i love. USA is my first option of move, because i could practice my english,well, it's not the best,i know, but i do my best everyday,studying, talking with myself at home, watching english tv programs, things like that....that's it! :D