Would you like to move to another country? Which one? Why?

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gaby_freitas escreveu:I really would like to travel to Japan or our dear USA. I do love their culture! Japan have a beautiful culture which mix the tradicinal and the modern at the same time....and the citys have a wonderful energy, the people are so...colorful :D
At USA we have the glamour, happy people and of course people that speaks the language i love. USA is my first option of move, because i could practice my english,well, it's not the best,i know, but i do my best everyday,studying, talking with myself at home, watching english tv programs, things like that....that's it! :D

Gaby, I know that we aren't in a formal conversation but I suggest you to always put the letter I from the subject in a capital letter.

And as we're all here to study and improve our English skills, I'm going to show some minor errors you've done if you don't mind:

-Tradicinal. You've just forgot the "o". Traditional.
-Citys. The correct form is cities.

And I think if you had written your second sentence like below, in my opinion, would sound more better:

"At the USA we have the glamour and happy people who speaks the language that I love..."

You guys can correct me if I've said something wrong.
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rguimaraesc escreveu:And I think if you had written your second sentence like below, in my opinion, would sound more better:

Oh well, I've said more better! This is a ugly writing! hehehe :)
I couldn't edit my post. Why have you guys blocked this feature?

"And I think if you had written your second sentence like below, in my opinion, would sound better:"

Sorry for my slip up!
I would like to move to NYC as almost everybody...rs I´ve been there 1 month ago and, Maaaaan, that city is so cool!!! It never stops!!! It has lights shining upon you 24 hours, that´s awesome!! But I´ve been in London 2 years ago and I could also live there, with no problems, it looks like São Paulo at hush hours, it´s nice!!
I would like to leave abroad only to improve my studies, and my englsh of course, but not forever, I like Brazil even with the problems that we, as citizens, have.
Well, I'd like to live in Canada, because of the cold weather and beautiful places I saw on Internet. I think Toronto is fantastic! I also heard thet the schools there are great, so it should be the perfect place to have fun and learn. I'd like to visit USA too, but I prefer Canada.
Hello guys.

I don't know if I would like to live in other countries forever, but I really would like to spend some time in another country to study and improve my abilities for quite a while. Which one? I guess I would enjoy Germany, England or Canada, but I want to know many countries. I have never been to another country, so It's one of the most important achievements that I hope I reach. :D

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I would like to offer the following suggested changes. "... to study and improve my language skills for... Canada but I want to visit many countries. ... the most important goals that I hope to achieve."

Many Brasilians use to know when refering to a place whereas the proper word (v. tr.) is to visit.
Yeah! I have a desire to move with my future family from Brazil to LA or Miami. Because they say that Miami has the best weather than another place in that side of the earth, and I'd really want to prove it, and get knowing if it's even real :D
Of course! It's in my plans! I intend to move to USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts, actually, I intend to get into Harvard, but, getting admitted or not, I wanna go to USA, anywhere, and when I'm done there, I intend to live in France, with a great financial situation, just because there it's the country of lightness, of intelligence and there're the great minds in the world!
I don't know if I could live in another country, so far away from my family.... But who knows? I've never been to another country before so I can't say how is to live there. If I had to pick one I would choose England, USA or Canada.
In january I will travel to Canada for an exchange program. Let's see if it's so nice as everybody says :D
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I've never been to another country too. I would like to go to Ireland, because there are so many amazing places to know, like wonderful landscapes.. I think it will be great to go to Ireland!

Would somebody like to go there too??