Would you like to move to another country? Which one? Why?

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I love Brazil. I'm so proud of all the culture, the people are amazing. But someday, i wish to live in New Zealand. I'm curious about landscape! its beautiful!
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I really,really want to go to USA, ´cause it has a fascinating language, many places to visit and most famous city of world: New York. Besides, i need to improve my english speaking so, i have to live there and study a lot ;) ...
I would love to live in Japan
I've a mystical relationship with that country since childhood.
I think in harmony and education provided in that country and still feel more willing to go ...
I would like to move for Australia or Canada. Because are beautiful places and will be good to study English with natives. But I also want to go to Italy, India, French e etc. The true I want to know the all world.
Well, I have never visited another country, but I think that could move to Canada or Australia; they are the firsts that I think.
Canada, because it seems beautiful, organized, and with very nature. Off course, also because of Language.
Austrália, for the same reasons that Canada, but including good climate and beachs, I love beachs!!!

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I'd like to move to Canada.
In Canada will be possible to study English and French.
It's one of my dreams.
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Yes, Brazil is such a great country with beachs, and so forth, but I'd like to live in a English speaking country like U.S.A, Canada or U.K.. It happen because I love English, it has nothing to do with the idea of U.S like a utopia. :P
Veeeery hard question. I intend to live my life travelling and visiting places I like. But I need to have an apartment to put all my stuff in some city that I am still not sure which. I want to own a house in a peaceful and safe yet active place... Maybe Amsterdam or Paris (hah!). Yet because off english, there's still french and dutch that I -like- and want to learn how to speak fluently, so... :)
Australia, I lived there for five months, I can tell for everyone some reasons:

The most important is quality and style life, I lived in Brisbane for two months and Gold Coast more two, very quiet city, almost there is no traficc cars, public transport working very well, all people respect you( when I said it, so many aspects that I could stay hours listing here), all rule are respected , The climate is fucking amazing, of course that depend the city. There are many beautiful, clean and organized beach's.

I would like to spend some months in switzerland and USA!!!!
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I'm living in London-Canada. The country is very beautiful, the people are very very educated. There is several parks to play with my daugther and is very safe. The public transport is efficient, but I don't change for my contry - BRAZIL. In the Brazil, more especific, in Recife, there are very beautiful beach and various types of leisure. Wait I'm coming to Recife.