Would you like to move to another country? Which one? Why?

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Course! Living abroad may be an extraordinary experience. In spite of this we have to be frank to ourselves - adaptation's not a quite easy process.
Due my english communication skills is natural to choose a country which has english as official language, such US, Canada and UK. But if I had to choose only one, certainly I'd move to american lands.
Besides, moving to Argentina or Chile would not be bad.
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Yes, I would like to move to Toronto or Los Angeles to improve my English!
I'll want live in the Holanda, because, that place, is pretty, and, have many bikes an clean rivers :)
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Yes. I'd like to live in France or Italy.
Yes, I would. England. Because I appreciate the culture, the nightlife, history and music.
I've been to England three years ago. I visited two cities, London and Brigthon, a small city near the beach. The British are very respectful with the tourists. Furthermore, England is a country where everything works. For example, the means of transportation. So, if I had a chance to live abroad, I would choose England, even though the food, there, is very expensive. However, it's a small problem.
My first choice would be New Zealand, because it's not overcrowded like US and UK. I mean, most of students who wish to study English choose these countries. Also, I believe they their climate is similar to ours, as they also are in the Southern Hemisphere.
I really would like to move to another country like Southern California
For me, U.S. is a great country, The fourth bigger HDI (Human Development Index) and the good climate (California).
I wanna go to study abroad next year

I am thinking Ireland or New Zealand. Actually I would like to go to Europe, but the exchange for NZD is very attractive.
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To visit yes, but living abroad no.
Actually I've been to England and some other European countries.
My dream is to go to Disney or "Orlando" as people say nowadays, but until now I couldn't.
My wife has been there and according to her it is amazing.
I like amusement parks. They are fantastic to me.
Australia would be nice to visit for a couple of days... It is hot, lots of beaches... :D