Would you like to move to another country? Which one? Why?

Yes, I would like to move to another country. I would like to live in Italy, because is very beautiful and I love old city.
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Of course I would like to move to another country, and the country would be England, more specifically I'd love to live in London. I was always fascinated about this city, and last year I traveled to there. If I could, I would have never come back. One day I'll go back with my boyfriend, I want to show him everything I say, and share with him this experience.
Of course!

I think most of brazilians dreams about living another reality. Not because we think Brazil is a bad place to live (which is not... ok, sometimes it is) but because Brazilian people accepts, respects and valorizes any kind of different culture. We have a peticular curiosity about the many other ways of life.

I always get really excited about this kind of discussion because this subject is always interesting to me. Since I started to travel to another continents this thought is keeping on my mind. Living in another country, speaking another language and meeting people with different perspectives about life brings benefits that no other kind of experience does.

We get more open to what the world and people has to offer. And I think this is a great opportunity to break some prejudice walls between societies.

****PS.: PLEASE, guys, can you REVIEW my text?
I'm preparing myself to the TOEFL text and I just have started!
There's just 2 weeks left until the big day and i'm studying all by my own :!:

You can be tough on me, I can handle it! hahaha

When I was young, I grown up watching 80's and 90's movies, so my dream always was move to US (NY or LA).

Now, I'm too much older to start my life again in another country, but how our country is worse everyday, I started to think about move again.

I heard about Canada is changing their rules to brazilian worker people move to there. Maybe someday ! :mrgreen:
Yes, I want to live in USA, because there I have more chance to grow in life, and there is a nice country for my kids.