Writing challenge: Who really felt sick, the kid or the doc?

Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Writing challenge. Please rewrite the following sentence in no ambiguous terms in order to precisely ascertain who really felt sick. You don't think the doctor felt sick, do you? So there.

"The mother took her son to the doctor's office because he felt sick."

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Well fella,
for me, the most appropriated manner to say such, with no chances for tricky understandings, is:
"The mother took her son, who had felt sick, to the doctor's office. (in order, obviously, to find out what was that afflicting her son)."

Anyway, one would easily understand this snippet you've just brought up once it was a simply conversation.(Even then, I bet you already aware of this fact. ;) )

Best Regards,
It's possible that the son is also a doctor, and the doctor that was at the office simply wanted a second opinion!
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
It's is possible that the doctor already knows the boy or is even his dad, and the doctor is feeling sick because the boy had been travelling for a long time and he was missing him very much, so the woman decided to take the boy to his office so then he would feel better.

I can also think about other possibilities, but I'd better stifle my creativity.
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
I like Rubens's attempt at rewriting it.

@dlr - Nowhere in the original sentence does the reader find out another doctor. You must rewrite or recast it by making minor adjustments. Just like Rubens did it. Rubens used a who-clause to rewrite it.

@Flavia.Im - See above. Let's stick to the original sentence outline from which we clearly infer no other doctor exists or has fathered the boy. And no, the doctor did not feel sick either.

Do you want to give it one more try? :)
"The mother took her son to the doctor's office because he felt sick."

My attempt:
"The son felt sick and was taken to the doctor´s office by his mother"

Won´t you say now that the mother taking the son to the office was the doctor´s, ok? hehe.. Because then we´d be again in the same place.. hehe

See ya
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
I came up with:

- "The mother took her sick son to the doctor's office"
- "Because the mother's son felt sick, she took him to the doctor's office"

But you may come up with a different approach. Won't you give it a try then?