Your x You're x Yours: qual é a melhor opção na frase

Hi There,

I'm here with my guitar student who's doing her second composition (she's 9 years old).
I'm Brazilian and she's from Luxembourg.

Anyway, the question is about the title of her song.
She wrote: "Your my Heart", but we're not sure if this is right or not.

So we have 3 options we have here:

1) Your my heart
2) You're my Heart/You are my heart
3) Yours my Heart

Could some one help us out about which option is the best considering grammar.

Many Thanks from me and Laura

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O ideial seria saber o que ela queria dizer.

Mas, gramaticalmente correta, apenas a 2) You're my Heart/You are my heart. = Vc é meu coração (forma de dizer à alguém q a ama)

Caso a idéia fosse dizer "Meu coração é seu" = My heart is yours.
Hi Flavia,

I think her idea is something like: "Vc é meu coração" ou ainda "Vc está em meu coração".

I'll double check the lyrics to make sure about what she means, and I'll let you know.

Thanks very much for your help!