YouTube: transcrição para o português

Boa tarde,

Eu preciso de alguém que tenha um nível de inglês avançado para transcrever o diálogo que começa em 0:25 e termina em 4:07 minuto de vídeo.

Se alguém puder transcrever em inglês, também seria de grande ajuda.

Desde já, agradeço!

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Well, well, I have to admit that the audio is bad and old, both. But it had to be, it´s vintage cartoon, the audio has even a delay, a discrepancy between audio and video!
Anyway, difficulties aside, one can understand that it´s a history in the Habbo Hotel, named after the Habbo video game (also vintage). It seems real old, see the funny music with an Atari-quality to it?

Hence the beggining with
"Hello Happy Habbo´s.".
(if I am not mistaken, proven otherwise, Habbo´s have a rábôus-sound in Portuguese, sorta)

''Look at that sturgeon!" (then Bunny appearing and catching the little duck)

Then Dove goes on saying something, and saying that the higher ups somehow are offering some sort of prize to kill the sturgeon. The higher-ups, certainly the bosses, the owners of the hotel.

The more audible part of that is:
It makes me ill (the sound is so distorted that it seems like "it meeks me ill")

Next, we see Rich asking "what sturgeon?" then, seeing he invited problem (some task), he roll his eyes and sighs...
But then he, being a good guy, says something like that: "That´s me. Out to save the world again."

Then Jack (the old guy) explains something about the fish, it seems like the fish have eaten up all the seaweed, and then no seaweed to make some soup and offer to the guests. He then, exasperated asks "what´s the matter with you" (meaning indeed, what´s the matter with you, Seaweed?) the cook, in her turn, used the same sentence to Jack.
When accused and asked to spur to action, Jack shows the book (that turns out the title is "I hate my job." Jack changes his mind, no problem with the seaweed extinction, in accusatory tunes he asks if Dove is a tree huger? tree (lover)?

Rich himself, now is taking action, one has to do something; he takes the lead and invites his friends/peers by urging "Phil, Bunny, let´s go"
Again so distorted that Bunny sound "punny".

So, seeing the context one can make sense of it. To watch and see how the rest of the story goes...

To my thinking, the listening is challenging, if I were you I would train with easier listening (but then, it´s me, a very basic learner with such little skills, listening is not my cup of tea.)

I would go for less testing stuff first, for example the following ones: ... ndex.xhtml ... ng-key.pdf

There some very audible youtube videos, here are only some of them.
And my goal was just kick-off your training, as I said, it demands a little of time with it.
Ah, that doesn´t preclude others to give it a stab, obviously.
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Hi there guy, well it´s way easier when you click on the CC button back there.
Don´t worry much if you miss some words, like the initial greetings (what was supposed to be a "voiceover"), anyway seemed like "Hello Happy Javelins" (...dardos alegres - o nome do grupo talvez).
There are some keywords like sturgeon (esturjão, um tipo de peixe), javelins (dardos) etc.
Now, good luck with it! homework time!
Boa tarde,

A legenda criada no YouTube não chega nem perto de ser a mais correta, isso me deixa na estaca zero.

O narrador diz "Hello happy Habbos" (nome dado a usuários de um jogo online), essa parte é mais compreensível. O que atrapalha na tradução é meu inglês meio "boca" e os ruídos do vídeo antigo.

Peço encarecidamente uma mãozinha para transcrever, mesmo que em inglês, esse vídeo. Até mais!
Você não sabe como tem me ajudado! Estou tendo dificuldades em entender o Phil, pode continuar me ajudando?

Me parece que ele está pedindo tempo (sinalizando também) para a discussão entre 01:21 e 01:31 minuto de vídeo. Certo? E o resto?

Até mais.
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It´s a time-consuming and challenging task, buddy. I will leave the ball on the experts court now, my answer was just a way to encourage you to go ahead if you do want, if so go for it.

On the other hand, my advice was that you can go for easier things. I am just a basic leaner, and then, a limited one. I´m afraid you are on your own, anyway others can step up to the plate. :|

And I hope to help you and others with other questions, whenever I can.
Enjoy the EE, and let´s move on! ;)
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Barbalho, não me leve a mal, mas pedir que transcreva esses quase 4 minutos cheios de frases e com áudio horrível está fora do razoável. Para que se tenha ideia, esse tipo de serviço custaria de 60 a 70 reais com um profissional da área. E isso só para esses "4 minutos".

Mas esses 4 minutos, na prática, duram bem mais, visto que precisamos ouvir N vezes alguns trechos devido à má qualidade. Te desejo sorte na busca. Abraço.