Participe do Projeto Conversação

Olá pessoal! O leitor Rafael Isquierdo, de forma bastante pioneira lançou um projeto no fórum do English Experts. A ideia do projeto é fazer com que os leitores se comuniquem através de vídeos. O objetivo é que, de forma colaborativa, outras pessoas sugiram meios de você melhorar a pronúncia no inglês. É preciso ter coragem para se expor, no entanto quem faz isso aprende muito mais rápido.

Confira abaixo o vídeo com o convite feito pelo Rafael:

Receba aqui um prêmio que vai ajudar você a falar inglês!

Clique aqui e acesse!

O prof. Adir, a Gabi e eu apoiamos a ideia e gravamos também os vídeos de resposta. Para conferir basta acessar os seguintes links:

Como participar

Os vídeos devem ser enviados primeiramente para o Youtube e depois incluídos no fórum. Clique aqui para aprender a enviar vídeos no fórum. As mensagens do Projeto Conversação deverão ser enviadas na seção Inglês Falado.

Fica o convite. Espero que gostem da ideia!

See you!

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Alessandro Brandão

Alessandro Brandão é coordenador caseiro do English Experts e do Fórum de idiomas. Trabalha também em projetos na área de Comércio Eletrônico e Ensino a Distância (EaD).

24 comentários

  • 10/08/10  
    Jumiut diz: 1

    I loved the idea. I wanted to participate, but my english not very good. I’m in the begin of learn yet and I’m shy so much. It more forward, I want to put the sound only. It wonder I can? Do I write very wrong? I’m trying to train my writing.

  • 11/08/10  
    Rafael Isquierdo diz: 2

    Good idea Jumiut !

    You could post just the audio of you speaking in English !!!

    Excellent !!!!

    We`re all waiting for your audio !


  • 11/08/10  
    Beethoven diz: 3

    Wow! This is a great idea! I have the same problem you talk about, and the videos will help me, certainly! This is very, very important to all, I’m sure. Hugs

  • 11/08/10  
    Mariana do Valle diz: 4

    Hey, I really liked your pronunciation and your idea, I hope learn more, congratulations!

  • 11/08/10  
    Marco Brainiac diz: 5


    It´s a pretty nice ideia !

    Can I participate with you?

    I’m not a expert, but it sounds great to me.

  • 11/08/10  
    Marco Brainiac diz: 6

    Olá Alessandro ou outro moderador,

    Podemos enviar o áudio na Parte de pronúncia do fórum?

    Muito boa sacada

  • 11/08/10  
    João B. L. Ghiz0ni diz: 7

    Hey, Rafael, congratulations! If you’ve been studying English for only three years, you’re doing really well. Believe me! I do know what I’m talking about! It takes several years to learn a language (if you’re not dedicating more than six hours a week, or living where that language is spoken, obviously).

    I think your idea is great and we’ll soon have loads of videos here from the people that follow the English Experts blog. Unfortunately, I can’t make one now, but will be looking forward to watching you guys. Good luck, everyone!

  • 11/08/10  
    Rafael Isquierdo diz: 8

    Marco Brainiac,

    O projeto é aberto a todos ! A principal ideia é que todos participem e postem seus videos e audios !

    Aguardamos seu video ou audio Marco.

    Abraço !

  • 11/08/10  
    Nadja Gomes de Farias diz: 9

    Excelente ideia.
    Lamento nao ter velox; a conexao e discada e. consequentemente, hiper lenta.
    Parabens e sucesso sempre.

  • 12/08/10  
    Eduardo Silva diz: 10

    Hello everybody!

    That’s a good idea. In my opinion, the worst problem today is to find people interested in practice english live, I mean, talking some minutes everyday. At least, this is my dificult!
    Unfortunately, I can’t record a podcast right now, because I don’t have a microphone here, but I’m looking forward to listen to the other guys and see their performance…
    See you

  • 12/08/10  
    Alexandre diz: 11

    Very nice idea!!
    Although I’d have to lose my shyness first…

  • 12/08/10  
    Logan18 diz: 12

    Hey Rafael, you were so courageous to show us how you can speak english in front of a cam,it seems to be difficult to an individual who’s never ever seen yourself facing a camera before. I’m here just to congratulate you for this great remarkable initiative, after this tough task you must be really proud of your english and I hope someday I can be up to you Rafael.

  • 12/08/10  
    Neylson diz: 13

    It’s good idea. Put a video in internet for learning english and pronunction.
    On the other hand, this is going to have better about like behave with the native people.
    Good blog, pal.

  • 12/08/10  
    Roberto Rocha diz: 14

    It has been a brilliant idea Rafael.

    I am going to take part in this project as soon as possible.

    Again, congrats.

    “Success is made of creative ideas”. Just like yours.

    See ya soon…

  • 12/08/10  
    Paula diz: 15

    This idea was perfect! I’m quite shy too make a video but I’ll think about…
    Rafael, your pronounce is really great and fluent.
    See ya

  • 12/08/10  
    priscila diz: 16

    woww…you speak very well and more important in a lound voice for everyone understand’re gut a lot im almost finished my course of ennglish i do at cna…and i try to register in the site but the email didnt apperd in my inbox so i hope be answered….cuz i want comment and other things in the site i cant for this reason if sommeone can help me i appreciate…thank you

  • 12/08/10  
    priscila diz: 17

    just to emphasize i’ve had already registered at the site and i appreciate if i have an answer….

    to continue what i had written before…i’ll finish my course but i dont know if i speak well or if i walk well in english (this way to write its correct?? lol)…then i think its not bad ..just some moments that leave us in my job i work in a hotel its famous and i have to speak sometimes when i bumping someone or when them ask something for me..rsrsr

  • 13/08/10  
    Pâmela diz: 18

    I really like this ideia!
    –> Going to the forum right now!!

  • 15/08/10  
    joel diz: 19

    good job,friend,i´m learning and i liked it,hope you that put more and more videos.i´m sorry,because i wrote some wrong words .can you help me?thank you very much.see you .

  • 15/08/10  
    Rafael Isquierdo diz: 20

    Hi Joel !

    Thanks !!!

    You don’t have to apolazige ! We are all learning here. I always say something wrong on the videos, but I’m learning with that. So…don’t worry !

    let’s do it !

    See ya !

  • 19/08/10  
    leo batista diz: 21

    perfect! what a great idea!
    I’m gonna send a video, too.
    and I hope that every bode can participate in this project!!!
    good by!!!!

  • 22/08/10  
    Henrique diz: 22

    Man, you have a pretty good pronunciation!!! Thank you and I thought a very good idea!! Congratulations!