Sotaques Ingleses: com vídeo

Take a trip around the world as we hear the same short passage spoken first by a Brazilian, then by an Englishman, two Australians, and Irishman, and finally an American.

Faça um teste e descubra seu nível de inglês em 15 minutos! Este teste foi desenvolvido por professores e linguistas certificados. O resultado sai na hora e com gabarito.
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This video is thanks to Linny from the state of São Paulo and David Stephenson from Australia, both members of Inglês Verde e Amarelo, the community of Brazilians and native English speakers. I.V.A. is celebrating reaching the 1000-member mark last week with lots of new videos, groups and a full redesign. Check it out!

Take care!


Christopher O'Donnell

Christopher is an American who loves Brazil and the Brazilian people. I write a Portuguese Blog, contribute to English Experts and run a social network for Brazilians learning English.

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