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I am a member of EVO (Electronic Village Online) sponsored by the CALL Interest Section of the 40-year-old, 14,000 member TESOL organization. Every January/February there are free workshops which each last 6 weeks. It is not necessary to be a member of TESOL to participate. The sessions are all powered by volunteers, mostly Webheads,
and include experts in many fields related to EFL / ESL. Last year, I helped moderate the Video workshop, and this year I am one of 400 members of a new group called “Images4Education“.

This video is my first contribution to the session. One of the tasks for the first week is to introduce yourself and to add a few words about your general use of images for education, and also to show a picture from the window of the house or apartment where you live. This video is my way of completing this task.

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This year is the best so far, with 20 different sessions, providing teachers with the possibility of learning new skills from “Internet for Beginners” to “Tips and tricks for Online Teachers” and many, many more. This is the end of the first week, but many workshops accept latecomers.

Best wishes,

Mike to EE from France


Michael Marzio

Michael Marzio é professor de inglês. Mora na França e mantém o famoso site de vídeos educativos de idiomas, o Real English. Colabora periodicamente com o English Experts com artigos 100% em inglês.

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