The Government Bets on English for Increasing Software Exports

Hi people, I frequently access Channel 9, the site produced by the employees of Microsoft. The technologies that will be part of our lives in the future are presented there. Frequently I see an Indian giving interviews, never a Brazilian. India has become one of the countries with the most investments in software development, Microsoft has built research centers in that country. Know why? They speak English.

Yesterday, the 8th of November, the Brazilian government finally realized that we are losing money in software exports: see the excerpt below published in Terra.

The government launched a program for certification in English this Tuesday for Brazilian professionals with the goal of increasing the competitiveness in software and information technology services exports.
The goal of the Brazilian government is to export $25 billion dollars in software and services in 2010, when the second mandate of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is concluded.
The former goal, of 2 billion US dollars in 2007 will not be reached, admitted the Minister of Science and Technology Sergio Machado Rezende. According to him, it is possible that the country will reach exports in the 1 billion dollar range next year. Half of the goal is a good thing. This year they must achieve 800 million US dollars Rezende said to the jounalists.
One of the indicated motives for low development of expected of Brazilian exports in this area in the market that moves more than 1 trillion dollars per year worldwide , is the lack of professionals who are able to communicate in English effectively. We hope that beginning next year we will have a more intensive movement in the education of human resources, the minister said.

Faça uma Aula GRÁTIS de inglês com um professor de nativo e avalie se você é capaz de se comunicar com um estrangeiro.
Começar agora!

Read the article in its entirety here: Terra. That´s it people, we spend high school pretending to study English. Now Brazil is paying for this.

See ya!

Translated into English by Mary Ziller (Thank you Mary)


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