Vídeo aula sobre preposições (to, for, in, at entre outras)

O professor canadense Steve Ford responde hoje uma pergunta a respeito de preposições. Vale à pena assistir, pois o vídeo trata de assuntos que atrapalham alunos de todos os níveis. Neste vídeo, Steve nos dá uma imensa ajuda para que possamos compreender e utilizar corretamente as tão difíceis preposições em Inglês (“to” e “for”, “in” e “at”, etc.).

Bons estudos!

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Alessandro Brandão

Alessandro Brandão é coordenador caseiro do English Experts e do Fórum de idiomas. Trabalha também em projetos na área de Comércio Eletrônico e Ensino a Distância (EaD).

19 comentários

  • 27/07/08  
    Sueli diz: 1

    This video helped me with the doubt about preposition!

    Very Good!

  • 27/07/08  
    Alessandro diz: 2

    Hi Steve,

    This video is outstanding, I can say I learned a lot from this video.

    You are doing a good job! Keep up the good work!


  • 27/07/08  
    Steve diz: 3

    Hi Aessandro,

    It is a pleasure to know that you and others are able to make good use of this video.



  • 27/07/08  
    Steve diz: 4

    Hi Sueli,

    I am glad to know that I helped you to clear up your doubt about prepostions!



  • 27/07/08  
    Tadeu diz: 5

    WOWWW it was perfect!!!

    besides the preposition tips you could hear, others grammar rules was talked, such as: If we goes… I think it’s very important mentioned this here because even me make this mistake and it’s wrong… pay attention when Steve is holding the friendly Mr. Ownl (something like that! lol) and said that!!

    I loved it!

    bye bye

  • 28/07/08  
    Eduardo diz: 6

    Hello Steve / Alessandro…

    ” Yesterday I didn’t get about preposition…Now I get about it thanks your great video…”

    As a beginner english learner, it ever was a doubt for me.

    Now it doesn’t seen so hardly…It sounds easy now…

    This video is simply great! I loved it!!!

    Keep it up!!

    And Thank`s very much!!



  • 29/07/08  
    Steve diz: 7

    Thanks Tadeu and Eduardo! It so fantastic to hear that you are learning so much with these videos. Prepositions can be really difficult and I am so happy to know that I was able to clear up your doubts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 29/07/08  
    Cristiane McBrain diz: 8

    Steve, thank you very much! This video was indeed very useful!, like all the others! Great job!!

  • 30/07/08  
    Steve diz: 9

    Thanks Cristiane!

  • 30/07/08  
    CONCI PAIVA diz: 10


  • 30/07/08  
    Steve diz: 11

    Thanks Conci! I love making them! Great to hear from you!

  • 30/07/08  
    Flávio diz: 12

    Hello Steve,

    Thank you very very much for the material you make for us every week.
    The ilustrations in the video are excellent.


  • 31/07/08  
    Steve diz: 13

    Hey Flavio,

    You are quite welcome! Thanks for the compliment! I want to make sure everybody can remember something better than ‘The Book is on the Table’ !



  • 12/08/08  
    christiane diz: 14

    where meeting the right answers the quiz?

  • 16/08/08  
    siu diz: 15

    hi steve.

    congratulations for your great job!!!
    I want to learn english so much…


  • 21/08/08  
    Steve diz: 16

    Thanks! Maybe EE can re-post this video since it has become so popular on the internet for helping so many students.

    Take care,


  • 07/10/08  
    Steve diz: 17

    Hey Guys with all this feedback, I think I might make another video about prepositions for all of you!!!!!


  • 26/01/09  
    Regina diz: 18

    I loved this video! And I loved Mr. Owl too… :)

    Thank, thank, thank!!!!

  • 25/06/09  
    Claudia diz: 19

    You´re are a great teacher….Congratulations!!!
    I´m a teacher myself and I just love to watch your videos…..
    Keep on the good work!!!
    By the way, I am from Brazil…..
    Is very hard for the students here understand:

    At The Office instead of At Office
    Going Home instead of Going to Home
    Going to Church instead of Going to the Church

    This is a big thing here ……