A ordem das palavras em inglês

Bom dia a todos.
Sempre soube em Inglês que para organizar as frases usamos primeiro os adjetivos depois os substantivos. Minha dúvida é quanto temos mais de um adjetivo e substantivo em uma frase.
Exemplo: National Aeronautic Space Administration. (Nasa)
Washington bus tour ticket.
Ou seja, qual o critério para organizar essas frases?

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It's not a case of adjective word order, to my thinking.
It seems like the order here is "end activity" then "organization", to illustrate pick DHS:
It could be "Homeland Security Department."
Homeland Secutiry (end activity) + Department (organization)

Of course, the preposition "of" changes the thing to "Department of Homeland Security", so DHS, so take heed of that 'overriding" when the preposition "of" comes to the play. :-)

Then we have:
Aeronautics and Space Administration
Aeronautics and Space (end activity) + Administration.

Then we may think in broadening the scope, national or international, etc. NASA would broaden it to being a "National" organization.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Children's fund (end activity) and certainly the Organization would not be necessary to say, because it's one subsidiaries of (branches) of the United Nation.

Actually, it was, originally called "United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund."
So, we again can see the hierarchy of the words here 'a fund' from the "United Nations" with an International scope (rather than a national one).

Of course, we non-English-speaking individuals have to think about these 'rules' that come with the English language, but the native the hierarchy of words is ingrained in them. They speak or write them without even thinking of that.