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Mr. Jolimar 50 1
Olá, pessoal. Como não achei nenhum tópico certo pra isso, resolvi postar aqui mesmo algumas abreviações.
Abreviação Significado
AFAIK As Far AS I Know - Tanto quanto eu sei
AFK Away From The Keyboard - Longe do computador
AKA Also Known As - Também conhecido por
ASAP As Soon As Possible - O mais rapidamente possível
ASL Age, Sex, Location - Idade, sexo, Localização
BBL Be back later - Volto mais tarde!
BBS Be Back in a Second - Volto num segundo!
BCNU Be Seeing You - Até a vista
BFN Bye, for now - Adeus, até logo
BRB Be Right Back - Volto já!
BTW By The Way - A propósito, Por falar nisso, etc.
Cya / c* See you [later] - Até [mais] logo.
FAQ Frequently Answered Questions - Respostas às perguntas mais frequentes.
FYI For Your Information - Para sua informação
Gtg, g2g Got to go - Tenho que ir
HTH Hope This Help - Espero que isto ajude
IAE In Any Event - De qualquer modo, In Any Event
IMHO In My Humble Opinion - Na minha modesta opinião
IMO In My Opinion - Na minha opinião
IRC Abreviatura de Internet Relay Chat
KINDA Kind of adv. Somewhat, a bit, moderately (slang), um pouco
LOL Laughing Out Loud, que em português se pode traduzir por Rir às gargalhadas
MOFO Mother Fucker - filho da mãe.
MORF Male Or Female - Masculino ou Feminino ?, você é homem ou mulher?
NFW No Fucking Way - Nem pensar nisso, de jeito nenhum!
NP No Problem - Não tem problema!
NRN No Reply Necessary - Não requer resposta
OIC Oh I See - Ah sim, entendi
OMG Oh My God - Oh Meu Deus
OTOH On The Other Hand, que significa Por outro lado
PPL People - pessoal
Pvt Private - privado, pessoal, particular.
ROTFL Rolling on the Floor Laughing, que significa rolando no chão de tanto rir
Tks / Thx Thanks - Obrigado
TIA Thanks In Advance - Antecipadamente grato. Agradeço de antemão
TTYL Talk To You Later - Depois falamos
U You - você
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Judy Friedkin 790 2 23
This are funny. I only know a few of them. However, I don't know if filho da mae has a bad connotation or not but "mother fucker" or mo fo, is a very vulgar expression. DO NOT USE EITHER!!!! It means someone who has sex with his mother. Mo Fo is used mostly by young African Americans , definitely not to be used in public. Sometimes it s used between friends like Hi, mo fo. But it is not a nice or common word. Mother fucker is more common and used by people of all races and is really unacceptable to use at all!
PPAULO 60200 6 45 1072
Thank you, Judy, for your insightful comment on that one. It´s a fact that learners of English, mainly the ones that go online and bump into blogs and sites as a side teaching tool. The likes of LiveLeak.com or something.

Those sites give plenty of room to comments in colloquial and sometimes even impolite ways be posted.

So, the learner without much critical thinking, won´t filter anything, will learn "as it is", it´s a good thing that you pointed that out. And, yes it´s a nice topic that you brought to the table, Mr. Jolimar. Acronyms and abbreviations are a staple in the American lifestyle and culture.

To the point of even creating the "vanity licence plates" like PLZSTOP, IDK LOL,
PMS 24-7 (Productive Member of Society? Certainly...)

http://www.illumasolutions.com/omg-plz- ... brb-jk.htm
http://distractify.com/old-school/2014/ ... 1197628600

Gr8t VNTY PL8s!