An educator wants to know why blogs are better for learningn

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An educator is doing a study. She is looking for rerasons how and why blogging is better for studying than using paper and pencil (books and other traditional, non-web tools).

Do you prefer learning by blogging or using traditional means?

Any answers will be appreciated!

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so,I think there is not a better way to learn english...
I use the blog and ''traditional ways'',the both are good,and one complete the another!!
Using the net can be good because We can exchange our experiences and it is more fast than search a word in a dictionary,or an information in a book...However the traditional ways are good because we can have a better monitoring and tracking of learning, without skipping steps...
This is my opinion!
maryziller, And educator, and this educator would be you! haha

Hey maryziller,


To teach kids, (even though i'm not a teacher or anything) i saw in many places, that if the kid isn't interested, or isn't paying attention to what you're saying you should stop, and take a break, or even go back to study on the next day.
(I'm talking about kids around 6 months to 6 years old.)

And what we don't realize is that to ourselves the proposal is the same... if you aren't interested, you'll not learn, you could even remember a thing or two.. but its not the same as if you were interested..

Interest brings curiosity and curiosity means knowledge....
Anyone who's clever, have a nice knowledge above other things, and they're curious and interested in any fact, and any aspect of whatever they like. (Some people indeed like almost everything, they're inquisitive about everything.)

What can i say, i have been learning english using internet and american TV series, and that's all, the key to my success?


But in the beginning what really made me learn english was the fact that i always kept a dictionary close to me.. And the secret is, i was and i am interested in english, and i'm curious about new words, expressions and so on.. That's how i made so far, and that's how i plan to go through with it...

Ahh of course face-to-face learning is good, but if there is no interest, there is no learning... so internet is a great place to start, TV series made me interested in actors who made me interested in behavior and traits, and english, and so on... You need to be curious!

The internet best pro fact is that we can use it to learn whatever we want to learn, whenever we want, however we want, there is no time to do things, there is nobody pushing you to do anything... You interest motivates you...

Ahh, let me get this topic even bigger, my girlfriend told me she's intending to look for an english course, i told her she shouldn't do that, i would support and assist her and help her out as best as i could. I don't think that any english course is made to actually teach anyone but to make money.


I'll tell you why..
In Brazil, the minimum wage is around 300 dollars PER MONTH, you work 8 hours(9 counting your break) and you only receive 300 dollars to you. What it means? it means everything should be cheaper and cheaper... right? WRONG!

An english course around here costs around 80 dollars per month. IT IS EXPENSIVE... if you receive 300 dollars/month you can't expend 80 dollars with english.
Another thing, Brazilian teachers of english are usually (not all of them) the best students of the own school who did good through all tests and course and now are teachers... But, what is the best way to learn english? TALKING TO A NATIVE LANGUAGE SPEAKER... well you'll pay almost 1/3 of your salary, to get 4 lectures per month, who usually lasts only 1hour..

It isn't a good way to put your money neither your effort...

What i told to my girlfriend? We're in brazil honey,teaching isn't the best thing around here... you should go by yourself as far as you could, and then, if you feel you aren't learning, or evolving daily, only then, you should look for a course of english...

Try, fail, there is nothing wrong with failure, but at least you should try.. and try it hard!

See you around marry!

hugs, and sorry i made it so huge, idk if you'll even read it.. but i guess i was willing to say something about this, and i also guess that this message isn't only to you, but you everyone who visit this forum...

Study, be interested, and keep evolving... Be curious about anything, as own Einstein Said... Be Curious!
It is relative to each people. Some strictly learn only when there is someone explaining face-to-face. In my case, I do not have problems learning either by computers and blogging, as the title says, or when there is someone teaching me. But I develop these skills by insisting in reading and studying. It is just a matter of time, you cannot bring yourself down too easily, being positive is always worthy!
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I agree with everything that our friend Tomas. In my opinion the two tools are very useful for the student of English, one by interaction with the world, the exchange of knowledge, and the other to fix the knowledge and to practice all what was learned in the classroom or online.