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I don't know if that one question that I'm about to make is related to the "Inglês Falado" topic, but someone once told me that if you are trying to learn english based on watching things (basically anything that can be shown on television) you should be aware of sitcoms (situation comedies) as in this type of programs it is used another kinda of "language", I just didn't get it right, if it's because they may use a lot of slangs (that may be one of the reasons) or if it's because ofthe way people speak doesn't actually follow the grammar structure in the most part of the time.

Does anyone knows if that happens? Could you please give me an example of how the sentence's structure may change and the correct form of it following the grammar rules?

Thanks a lot. ;)
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Marcos' answer was a great one!

I remember when I got deep into the English world and I started watching TV programs and I couldn't understand one single word. That was horrifying! C'mon, years of study for what?

The English language teaching in Brazil is very superficial, we're generally taught in a certain way that makes us learning several grammar structures without any applicability in the everyday English speech.

Watching TV and series is surely one of the best ways to get used to the real English, they're generally full of slangs, different structures, puns and most of the time use very trendy words and expressions. I'd like to give you another hint: Watch TV news. That's another way of getting used with everyday English, however, a little more formal. You're gonna get used with expressions that are more likely to come up in business vocabulary and could be really useful when it comes to using your English while working for a company that has English as one of its requirements. Having cable TV or even Netflix could be a powerful tool for that!

It's not an easy path at all cause it might take you a long time til you get good at that, but it's a sensational feeling when you start getting the results of your own effort!

Good luck!
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Hello Gabriel,

The only major difference I can point out is that in most of those kind of TV shows people use informal English quite often, however, that can vary depending on the different scene contexts that are shown on each episode or on a single one.

I highly recommend making those TV shows part of your daily practice since it is, especially for us here in Brazil, one of the easiest ways of getting in touch with a more "natural" spoken English.

You'll see how amazing it is when you're watching something on TV and you witness someone using a structure, a grammar point or an expression you've been studying lately. :]

So, don't give up watching sitcoms. In fact, make them a powerful and important part of your daily practice.

That's it.
Take care!
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Thanks a lot, first when I heard about this I thought "What can be wrong with the way they speak?". Just wanted to see if his point was right (that you may get a little confused watching to these programs) I guess it may happen more often for those who are really starting to get in touch with english but don't have any knowledge about the languase (like the informal ways, or even slangs".