Are you afraid of the coronavirus?

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Question: Are you afraid of the coronavirus / covid-19?

Possible answers:

Yes, I am. But I'm very careful. I wear a mask whenever I need to leave home. I wash my hands. I keep social distancing.
No, I am not. But I have been careful not to get Covid-19.
Kind of. Sometimes, I am. But not very.
I think so.
I don't think so.

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Leonardo96 15 231
It was never something that was much of a concern for me personally, no. I live in a small town and the chances of catching it aren't exactly that significant, plus with me not being in the risk group and not having any pre-existing conditions does also bring me a sense of comfort. But I do have empathy for those who have lost loved ones to it and regardless of your chances ot being infected you still need to be careful because the threat is still there, and it's also about preserving other people's lives, not just your own. A few weeks into the pandemic I thought it was being blown out of proportion by the media but now I do understand it's a real threat and not something to be messed with. As long as it's still around it's important for all of us to play by all the newly-implemented social rules and protocols, it is a bit of a drag that life has become quite boring for a lot of us but we have to prioritize our lives as well as those of other people over having fun in such times. Hopefully it will come to and soon, though.
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