Chronicles with Phrasal Verbs - to Account For

Hi everyone, I have been know the website since 8 year ago when I started I'm not able to create article or similiar, so this I have already created this chronic with account I would like a suggestion and same time help them. Account for is a verb transitive ... Inseparable ... So look it:

Digital Universe

Who is account for a culture the survive in the face obstacles? The worst frequency still to accounted for know about the all consequences inversibles of social. Globalization is a topic controversial which expose your bit of typing to account for your awareness. What a sentence that I need explain? I need inspire in someone, I need to drawn my weakness on front of so much envy or finding a perfection. Sometimes you back and fall in your ego and hurt your mind try figure out your power with in crazy routine to account for your stricken of common sense, your ego is your fact or responsibility?
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