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Avatar do usuário zumstein 10080 1 20 310
For me, I'd say yes I like soccer!

Maybe because of things like this one:
"Football (soccer) is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win." - Gary Lineker quote.

I don't think Gary Lineker has the right to brag! - And you?
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It could also be a general question; say, a Brazilian making a statement meaning a question or vice versa.

It could be a (news) item in a newspaper questioning the general notion that Brazilian like soccer as in (or meaning) "Is it true that all Brazilians like soccer?

So, the answer could be short, yes or no. And the answer could be some kind of elaborated answer (to illustrate - the news item or some piece of text from some student, etc).

And finally, you could take it as being a direct question, as Zumstein post exemplifies very well. The type of question that would mean "what about you? What do you think? Do we like soccer? [(you - for instance, do you like it?"]
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 43045 6 33 759
And back to the beggining:
Possible answers:
Yes I do/yes we do.
No I don´t /no we don´t.

Yeah, soccer is my cup of tea.

Yess! Soccer is my thing.

No, is some opiate of the masses.

No, thanks. I don´t like it after all.

Oh, sure. Soccer is a great and is beneficial to the health!

Yes, I am a soccer support, but hey...wait a sec! I mean I am supporter of the Brazilian/national squad (team) not the teams that play all over the year (the regular leagues).