Como utilizar o verbo "suggest"

Bom dia.

Como ficam os verbos quando utilizamos a construção "I suggested that [sameone] + verb"?

Por exemplo, na frase:

"I suggested that my friend ____ over the issue of getting a job with his family"

Devemos usar talks (concordando com "my friend"), talked ("dicutisse"), ou, como presente no gabarito da questão, apenas "talk"?


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Avatar do usuário Rakell Grubert Pere 3385 3 6 65
Embora pareça um pouco estranho mas tem que ser "talk"o verbo suggest aqui pede present subjunctive ( nesse caso o verbo que vem depois tem que estar no infinitivo sem o to independentemente do tempo verbal anterior, que nesse caso é o passado suggested) .Então fica assim:
I suggested that my friend talk over the issue of getting a job with his family.

Em sentenças com "that" e os verbos suggest, insist, request, require, ask, order, demand, beg e outros verbos que sugerem solicitação,ordem, comando ou recomendação são seguidos pelo Present Subjunctive.
O Present subjunctive também é usado depois das expressões:
It is essencial that
It is important that
It is necessary that
It is vital that

I insist that he go now.
It's necessary that he be on time.
My agent suggested that I invest in the stock market.
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41975 6 33 737
I suggested...already have the sense of something past.
In my opinion it could be translated into Portuguese the following way:

"Eu sugeri que meu amigo falasse sobre a questão de conseguir um emprego com sua família"

Isto é, eu sugeri ao meu amigo que falasse com sua família no sentido de que eles (a família) conseguissem/dessem um emprego para ele (o amigo).
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41975 6 33 737
Wow! one more to my repertoire, thanks Rakell for the insightful tip.
From now onwards I will keep it in mind. :D
Have a nice weekend, buddy. ;)
Wow, thanks [2].

Então, por exemplo, na frase no passado

"It was necessary that she _____ me it"

devemos usar "tell" ao invés de "told" ou "tells"?

Nunca havia visto essa regra, apenas aquela para alguns verbos que fazem com que o seguinte utilize +ing em alguns casos (e.g.:"keep going", "stop crying", etc).
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41975 6 33 737
Yup, Marlon. That´s right.

You would use "tell" there. I bet such structures, should it come up in some college entrance test (in Brazil) wouldn´t be scored by many people! It´s weird to a basic learner like me, but one has to get the hang of it. It takes a while, tough! :shock: :lol: ... nctive.htm

The subjunctive is typically used after two structures:

the verbs: ask, command, demand, insist, propose, recommend, request, suggest + that
the expressions: it is desirable, essential, important, necessary, vital + that

Here are some examples with the subjunctive:

The manager insists that the car park be locked at night.
The board of directors recommended that he join the company.
It is essential that we vote as soon as possible.
It was necessary that every student submit his essay by the weekend.

Notice that in these structures the subjunctive is always the same. It does not matter whether the sentence is past or present. Look at these examples:

Present: The President requests that they stop the occupation.
Past: The President requested that they stop the occupation.

Present: It is essential that she be present.
Past: It was essential that she be present.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 41975 6 33 737
Ah, TELL not TELLS. ... v201.shtml

the subjunctive

The subjunctive is a special kind of present tense which has no -s in the third person singular and where the same forms are used in both present and past situations when we want to sound slightly formal. The verb to be has a special subjunctive form, see below:

The school governors insisted that he resign from his post as deputy head immediately.
They suggested that Mrs Giddy be appointed as deputy head on a temporary basis:
"We propose that Mrs Giddy be appointed as deputy head until the end of the school year. It is of vital importance that she be present at the interviews when other teachers are selected."

The doctors recommended that my father remain in hospital for a further five days and that he return to work only when fully fit.

Note that do is not used in negative subjunctive sentences:

They advised that he not return to work until fully fit.
Avatar do usuário TheBigSpire 1125 1 8 24
The thing to remember is that you suggest an idea, not the person that you're making your suggestion to. In other words, this is incorrect:

- I suggest you to apply for a job there.

Instead, say one of these:

- I suggest applying for a job there.
- I suggest that you apply for a job there.

Here are some other examples which use "suggest" correctly:

- I would suggest waiting a few more weeks.
- He suggested I give you a call.
- Didn't you suggest bringing in a consulting firm?
- So do you suggest that we go forward with the surgery?

Source: ... -correctly