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Workers of private Banks in Pouso Alegre and Varginha, have gone on strike, on this Monday, 12. Until Friday,10, only bank of public institution had been paralised their work. The strike started in all contry in sempember 6th. The president of bank worker’ union, has said: Now there are nerly 40 city with bank on stike. Witch make a total of 57% of the region’s city. He didn’t precise how many private bank’s branch are paralyzed, but he said that the majotity of them have done.

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My corrections and changes to your text are shown below:

Private banks' workers in Pouso Alegre and Varginha, went on strike last Monday. Up till last Friday the 10th, only public banks had paralised their activities. The strike started on September 6th in many places. The president of the bank workers’ union said: "Now there are nearly 40 cities where banks are on strike, which make a total of 57%. He didn’t say how many private banks are paralyzed, but he said that the majority of them are.
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Me ajudou muito. Eu tenho praticado muito o listening, Agora tô começando a praticar a escrita. Obrigada!
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That´s good Andrezza, one skill helps the other. That´s more, the writing somehow helps to build up vocab and improve your reasoning. Plus, it´s something of a register, so you can be back to it sometime in the future and compare your improvement from time to time.