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Corporate Social Responsibility

The social responsibility is concept where the corporations contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment. I my vision it’s an important thing, if not the most important, in the business nowadays.

People are becoming more conscious about your responsibility to preserve existing resources on the planet and they are charging the same conscious in the corporates. For some people is more important the role of the corporate in the preserve of the environment than the price of the product, sometimes pay more to do the right thing.

In my corporate there are initiative for improve of the poor communities around. There is a project for social inclusion where more than 17.000 people are answered. The project includes literacy, sports and culture.

I hope that in few years the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) not be only about the advertising and yes a real conscious about the planet's situation.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a concept where corporations contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment. According to my vision, it’s an important philosophy - if not the most important - in business nowadays.

People have become more conscious of their responsibility to preserving the existing resources of the planet and are consequently demanding the same consciousness from corporations. For some, the role of the enterprises in the preservation of the environment is more important than the price of the product itself; they often pay more if they feel like doing the right thing.

In my corporation, there are initiatives for the improvement of poor communities nearby. For instance, there is a project for social inclusion that provides literacy, sports and culture for over 17.000 people.

I hope that, in few years, the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) will not only care about advertising, but also about developing public awareness for the planet's situation.

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