Correção de texto: Election Day

Marcelo Pias 1 2 14
Well... I'm from Brazil. We have elections here every 4 year for president. Once elected twice the president cannot stand in the election anymore! We have a lot of electoral material on TV, Radio and so forth as it draws near, we also have political meeting everywhere, some people love it, they even fight against each other because their parties, I think they are absolutely crazy, but the majority population just hate politic as well as the politicians who always promise good things for our people, but they never do anything. That's it.....

Once twice, achei meu estranho, mas intenção foi dizer:
Uma vez que eleito duas vezes consecutivas....

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Juliana Rios 24 105 396
Nice job, as usual! My suggestions (Some if not most of the following tweaks are merely stylistic):

Well... I'm from Brazil. Here, presidential elections are held every four years. After two consecutive elections / terms, a president can no longer stand for election / run for office. We have / see a lot of election / campaign material on TV, on the radio and so forth as it / the election draws near(er). We also have political rallies / gatherings / meetings everywhere, which some people love. They even fight over their parties / political differences. I think they are absolutely crazy, but the majority of the population just hates politics as well as the politicians themselves, who always promise good things for the people, but never do anything. That's it.

"Once elected twice" is not incorrect, but might raise a few eyebrows. To sidestep any confusion, adjust the wording so that "once" and "twice" do not occur in the same sentence.

Keep up the great work.
Marcelo Pias 1 2 14
Very important help as usual !!
I've been really learning a lot with you! ;D
What does "it draws near" mean?
Juliana Rios 24 105 396
To draw near = Aproximar-se / Chegar perto

"As the elections draw nearerer..." = "À medida que as eleições aproximam-se..."
Can this expression be used when referring to an individual?

For example:

As Juliana draws near, in possession of a kitchen knife, Juan keeps stepping back.
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Juliana Rios 24 105 396
Sure Juan. You can use the expression to indicate just about any kind of approaching movement.

P.S.: I usually don't stab my victims. I like my knives sterile.