Correção de texto: My favorite soccer team is back

Marcelo Pias 640 1 2 14
I love soccer and I just can't see myself living without it. However, my favorite soccer team, Palmeiras, have been playing so badly for the past three years. It’s been really tough to talk about soccer with my friends since they won’t stop teasing me. Luckily, things have changed this year. My team signed a lot of amazing players and hopefully this will be our year.

My team had a horrible squad. The players were not skillful at all, and didn’t even bother to try hard. This situation didn’t last too long, though. All the fans, including me, ran out of patience and attacked the president by protesting in front of the stadium, asking for a change. Now things are much different. Palmeiras managed to sign a lot of new players.

Now I can confidently say that we have a competitive team. I won’t be embarrassed when my friends talk to me anymore. Hopefully, the new players will get along and play well as a team so we can lift some trophies and come back to the same level we were years ago once and for all!

(please let me know if there's something that could be expressed in a more natural way, even if it's not grammatically incorrect)
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Telma Regina 23305 9 60 586
Marcelo, you've done an excellent job. Your improvement is noticeable. Keep up with your English studies.

PPAULO 56040 6 43 1005
I love soccer and I just can't do without it.
(yours is right as it is so I am not correcting here, just letting you know another way to say that.)

It’s been really though to talk about soccer with my friends since they won’t stop teasing me.

My team had a horrible/insufferable/nightmaris squad.
(again, no correction here. Just alternative ways.)

In fact the text had a good flow, good word choices and one could understand what you meant. I didn´t spot any mistakes, and one can see that your vocabulary is building up. Overall a good writing, congrats!

Telma Regina 23305 9 60 586
I'm sorry, Paulo, but Marcelo hasn't made any mistakes in this sentence:

"It’s been really tough to talk about soccer with my friends since they won’t stop teasing me."

Tough as in "difficult" / "hard to bear".

In fact, I did not find any mistakes in his text.

PPAULO 56040 6 43 1005
Ooops...I did it again! :shock:

Thanks for noticing and correcting the/my mistake, Telma. I agree with you, it wasn´t broken and I tried to fix it, he hee. :oops:
Thanks God you were here, with an keen eye for details and willing to help. Bravo! :P

Redseahorse 13425 2 20 275

horrible > SHAMEFUL;
and THEY didn’t even bother to try IT hard;
ITS president by protesting;
MANY new players;
play IT well as a team;
lift > RAISE some trophies;
we ONCE were years ago and FOREVER.

PPAULO 56040 6 43 1005
If these are suggestions, okay it´s fine, I think the original is acceptable anyway.

However, my favorite soccer team, Palmeiras HAS been playing so badly for the past three years.

I = have
He = has
She = has
It = has
we = have
You = have
They = have

PPAULO 56040 6 43 1005
This is a special case.
The team have and the team has, depending on which you think. Team as a unit "has", team as a group of several players "have". Of course more often than not they use "has" (because they use it with the thought
of a unit, just because of it.)

In this soccer site they use a lot of "has", but sometimes they use "have" too.

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