Correção de texto: My first night in the boarding school

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This is a short text I just wrote that is intended to improve my writing skills. I'll be really happy if someone could show me my main mistakes. Thanks in advance. ;)

My first night in the boarding school

I woke up very early that day; I was very excited because that was the day I waited for at least the last 5 months. I got prepared really fast; I putted all of my essentials clothes in my suitcase, took a bath and dressed up appropriately. Then I went to the bus stop with my mother. After a long time waiting for the bus, it finally appeared. During the route I started to think how my school would be like, I haven’t had the opportunity of being there before, just my mother had seen the place up to that moment, and she told that it wasn’t great and that she thought I wouldn’t stay in this new school for a long time. Ok, that was bad news, but I was willing to face all the problems that might get in my way because I knew that that would be a great chance to make me grow up, and turn into a better person.

I arrived at the place; it was really dirty and weird, I thought to myself: “what am I doing here? This is not a place for human beings to live, is it?”. But I have already got there, and even feeling disappointed, I stood. My mother needed to go home, so now for the first time on my life I was alone, I needed to solve all possible problems without any of my parents’ help. I felt excited because of the opportunity of living by myself, but to be true I was very scary.

“Well, at least the people seems to be very respectful and friendly”, I thought. I spent the first day trying to explore the place, trying to know how the things work there and trying to fit in. Actually I don’t remember all the details of that day I just remember a little joke’s contest we had in the evening in my dormitory before going to bed. It was the moment my first problem began: the fan I brought with me stopped working. It was a little awkward because it was a new one; I haven’t used this fan before. But okay, it was just a fan. After a lot of time trying to find the problem that made my fan stop working I realized that everybody had already fell asleep. I tried to sleep too, but that was a very hot night, and now without my fan I was lost.

The time passed by, I didn’t sleep; I was afraid to show up tired in my first class’ day at the new school but those silent hours were what was really bothering me. I sweat very much, and went to the shower trying to cool down twice, though I still couldn’t sleep. I felt alone, hungry and I regret my call to change schools. I stood awake almost all the night time thinking about giving up on the boarding school. That was a tough night, but it made me learn an important lesson: no place is like home.
I’m still at that school, it’s being almost 3 years from that night and I still facing hard problems there, but I know that I am going to be a stronger person when it ends because those kind of experiences make people give the due value to the simple things of life.

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