Correção de texto: pesquisa científica com cães

Depois de alguns toques, resolvi escrever outro texto. A correção anterior foi de muito utilidade, portanto, continuarei enviando textos para ver minha ''evolução'' (ou não) .

I am very curious at The beagles case, in Royal institute. Me, like a animal researcher think they never be used to pharmaceutical or cosmetical research. But, in TV, I saw a lot of people running out with they dogs, and clearly without any research knowledge. Those dogs, never saw the sunlight before, and they living at very strict research rules and receive controled food. Maybe, those people did not think about this way, and have made this hopeless act.

That’s all folks

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Here follow some suggestions:

I am very curious about the beagles' case, in Royal institute. I, as an animal researcher, think that they should never be used for pharmaceutical or cosmetics research. But I saw on TV a lot of people - clearly without any research knowledge - running away with dogs from the Institute. Those dogs had never seen the sunlight before; they had been living under very strict research rules and they had been receiving controlled food. Maybe those people did not think about it this way before committing such a hopeless act.

I hope to have helped you with the correction.

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In my humble opinion, "at the Royal Institute" would fit better than "in the Royal Institute".
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I agree on that one. At the Royal Institute would be a better choice.

I think Rodrigo´s suggestion. Yes, when we read a text, there´s a "suggestion" that filters into our brain, tricking us to repeat the words. Try as we might it (the text) trick us into using some of those, problem is, which ones?
I know how it is, I was "tricked" many times. Even by myself, sometimes I see a mistake that I made the previous day, rereading it.

Overall though, a god job, spotless.