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Hi guys, I'm here because I need your help with a text made for me. I should write about the following subject: have you ever been on a diet ?
Help me ;)

I used to be on a diet last year, I had started to go to the gym, I wanted get stronger so I should gain more weight. I was on that diet for two months. I had to eat six or seven times a day,it depended on when I woke up and the time I went to bed. I always had to eat lots of carbohydrates and proteins in every meal because carbohydrates would give me more body weight and proteins would help to build muscles.
Everything was going right,but after two months I decided to change my focus. Because of the gym and all those trainings I didn't have time to study english. Not as much as I should. After wasting more than 500 reals in only two months with dietary supplement, I changed my mind. It's sad,thinking now about all the money I've wasted, but it's ok.
I intend to go back to gym a day,you know. I better go to college first of all. And then,think about it again, even because studies are more important than getting stronger.i guys, I'm guilherme and I need your help to correct a text made for me.
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... I wanted to get stronger
... at every meal
... Because of gym practice
... English
... Thinking about all the money I had wasted made me feel sad, but I considered it okay
... I'd better go to college...
... correct a text written by me.