Exames IELTS x OET x TOELF x Pearson x CAE

Hey Folks,

Recently, I have been reached out by an Australian Company to work overseas. I had studied 1 month for IELTS test, that will be applied in 12 June, however they want me to speed up the visa process. So besides IELTS, they gave me some other options that I could take to replace IELTS. The options are these mentioned in the title.

I would like to hear from you which test is most similar to IELTS and which one is the easiest believing that I will not have much time to study.

Thank you,
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I don't know all of them, but I'd take the TOEFL. It's kinda easy once you know how the test works (I'd focus on he speaking section - you have to think really fast). The CAE is hard, so I wouldn't take it on such short notice, and I don't know the OET nor the Pearson.