Exercício: Logic problem

Logic Problem
My girlfriend, Nora, keeps her things and some clothes in a chest-of-drawers. Try to find the drawer she puts her things in. Drawers A and B each contain Two different types of items, C and D each contain three, and E contains one.
1) The top drawer does not contain leggings.
2) Perfume and make-up aren’t together.
3) The T-shirts are in the same drawer of scarves.
4) The Pajamas are immediately below the drawer of the socks.
5) Pantyhose are in a drawer above the handkerchiefs.
6) The thinkets are above the leggings.
7) Socks are below the handkerchiefs.
8) Pajamas aren’t in the third drawer.
9) The socks are in the middle drawer.
10) Leggings are in a drawer with two more things.
11) Sweaters fill up one drawer.
12) Perfume is in a higher drawer than make-up.
13) Scarves are immediately above make-up.
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