Exercício: Texto com os Números em Inglês

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Vamos a um texto com os números em inglês.

1. Read the text / Leia o texto

John is a lawyer who lives in a big city in the USA. He is thirty four years old and he's married to Jane, who is twenty eight years old. John and Jane have three children. Their children's names are Anna, Betty and Paul. Anna is the oldest, she's ten years old; Betty is seven years old, and Paul is the youngest, Paul is four years old.

On weekends John, his wife and his children like to go to a club. When they arrive at the club, John is the first to swim in the pool. He loves swimming. John's wife also likes swimming and they usually spend two or three hours swimming.

Their three children play footbal, swim, eat and drink juice at the club.

Jane collects stamps and she has two thousand different stamps in her collection. And she recently said, "I won't stop collecting stamps until I have all of them." Jane's grandmother, who is one hundred years old, is also a stamp collector. That's why Jane likes stamps so much.

As you can see, this family knows how to enjoy life twenty-four seven!

2. Answer (responda): What are the numbers in the text? / Quais são os números no texto?


Bons estudos.
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Here they are:


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Não entendi a última frase. O que quer dizer com "...this family knows how to enjoy life twenty-four seven!"
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This family knows how to enjoy life twenty-four seven. [Está família sabe aproveitar a vida o tempo todo.]

Bons estudos.
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24/7 ( twenty-four seven ) = 24hs por dia, 7 dias por semana, ou seja, todo dia, o tempo todo.