Exercício: Texto em Inglês com o Verbo to Be

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Confira um texto em inglês com o verbo to be. Leia este artigo e melhore as suas habilidades.

1. Texto - Text

Anna is twenty years old. Mike is twenty-five years old. They are friends and they are living in the same city now. Anna is a teacher. Mike is a doctor. They are great people and love their jobs.

Anna is very happy today because she is going to visit her grandmother who lives in another city. Mike is happy for Anna.

Mike and Anna aren't married, but they would like to get married, as they are still young.

I hope Mike and Anna can find someone who will make them happy. They are also my best friends and I wish them well.

2. Responda - Answer

Why is Anna happy?

A. Because she is married.
B. Because she is going to get married.
C. Because she is going to visit her grandmother.
D. Because Mike is happy.
E. Because she is rich.

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