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Hi folks,

Uma coisa interessante que vi para passar o "intermediate plateau" (aquele desânimo que dá quando se está no nível intermediário de aprendizado de algo pois aprendemos pouco e cometemos os mesmos erros) é aumentar a nossa motivation. Tenho algumas dicas, e fiquem a vontade para mandar mais:

To improve:
Speaking, Listening : Listen and sing some music, try to memorize them and after read the lyrics and sing with the song; Speak with a friend only in english 1 day per month (it would be like "the english day");
Reading: Read some comics; Read some funny histories (there are a lot of blogs with it!);
Vocabulary: Read a entire (good) book without the dictionary and try to recognize the words that you don't mean in another context (after some pages, maybe);
Grammar: Open the dictionary in a random page and read the first and the last word. (actually i don't have a funny method to learn grammar, so I will be happy if somebody help me on it);
Writing: Translate some text, lyrics, comics (that you like) to english; Write every day something that you liked or you will do (e.g.: I'm going to a party and I will dance trough the night; I watched a funny movie called "Como se fosse a primeira vez"), just simple sentences because will be easier to do and you can do it EVERY day;

Any other suggestions?
That's all folks
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Hi there,

These are very creative strategies,very useful indeed!

Thanks!see ya!
Most of my vocabulary is from music and games. I always wanted to know what the video game characters were saying and then I started to look for the words that I didn't know. My aunt is a great English teacher and taught to me the grammar and stuff like this. Another good way to practice is chatting with other people in Terra Chat Rooms (link below). The only things you all must have in mind are: Do not access the porn sites announced there and don't try to use hard spelling words if you can't make a sentence properly.

That's all, I hope you find a cool chat mate there and good luck!