Glittering x Glowing x Shiny x Bright: Qual a diferença?

Hi fellas, I've been studing a text, but sometimes I've get things mixed up about these words.
Could you help explaining the meaning of them? when should I use them?
thank you very much indeed.

glittering / glowing / shiny / bright

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Thomas 7 60 290
glittering = sparkling (like diamonds, lights)
He had a glittering career as a diplomat. (It was highly successful. It sparkled.)
All that glitters is not gold.
The lghts of the city glittered.

glowing = emitting a light of its own (like stars, embers in a fire)
I received a glowing report about your activities in Egypt. (It was a wonderful report. It was so full of positive comments that it seemed to emit a light of its own.)
The house glowed in the otherwise dark night. (It was the only source of light.)

shiny = reflecting light
I found a new and shiny coin on the sidewalk.
Her nose was shiny until she applied make-up.
Your car is so shiny and new.
The wax put a nice shine on the shoes.

bright = brilliant, full of light and colors
This light is so bright that it is hurting my eyes.
She had a bright career in the medical field.
Liz is my brightest student. (smartest)
Thomas,that was the answer I was looking for, great!
Thank you very much indeed, you've helped so much.
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Uma checada no revelou isso:

Synonyms for bright:
1. refulgent, effulgent, lustrous, lucent, beaming, lambent. Bright, brilliant, radiant, shining refer to that which gives forth, is filled with, or reflects light. Bright suggests the general idea: bright flare, stars, mirror. Brilliant implies a strong, unusual, or sparkling brightness, often changeful or varied and too strong to be agreeable: brilliant sunlight. Radiant implies the pouring forth of steady rays of light, especially as are agreeable to the eyes: a radiant face. Shining implies giving forth or reflecting a strong or steady light: shining eyes. 4. keen, discerning, sharp, sharp-witted, ingenious, clever. 8. promising, encouraging.