Google Tradutor pronuncia corretamente?

Good afternoon to all.

Eu estava pensando em estudar a pronúncia pelo Google Tradutor, mas tenho dúvidas se a voz fala tudo corretamente. Alguém me tira essa dúvida?

Thank you.

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Yes and no.
On the yes side, Google is a search-engine of an English-speaking country, and they try to deliver!
But studying speaking/listening is another can of worms altogether, it depends on a series of factors. For example, ''get" and "out" have distinct pronounces, but when they come togheter they are voiced kinda "guéraut" (Brazilian-Portuguese diction here).
There are some "catches" in learning, that a human teacher would pass on to you, like accents and word usage
In Brazil I would suggest you get some "Speak Up" mag, their features come with a English-Portuguese glossary, and the stories are in print and voiced versions.

Let´s wait and hopefully other tips will come.