Have you ever been abroad? Tell us about it.

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Question: Have you ever been abroad? Tell us about it.


Once to Quebec-CA. I did not have much opportunity to visit the city once I was there to attend a training, and also because it was absurdly cold. I visited the Casino de Montréal, close to the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit racetrack.
Beautiful city and nice people.

US for a week, working. I had only one free day that I spent in NY. Tip: take care with the dose of Dramin that you take before the flight. I visited only half of the places I had planned to, because I was feeling asleep.

Now it's your turn!
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Avatar do usuário rafaelisquierdo 185 6
Oh yes I have !

I spent 15 days in the U.S September 2009. My girlfriend was living there since May, so I was I kind of lonely here and as had some money kept in my bank account, I decided to visit her. The whole process wasn't easy, I got the passport, Visa, tickets, bag, everything, but there is no money that pay it when you get in the U.S. Since I started studying English, my dream was go to the U.S, and I made it come true last year.
My trip was wonderful ! I stayed in Schenectady, state of New York. It's a small town about 15 minutes from Albany ( the New York State Capital ).
I could know the Albany University ( http://www.albany.edu/ ) which is amazing ! It's like in the movies that see all that people around, playing some kind of sport after class or just sitting on the lawn.

I went to NY city either. I could know the Empire State Building ( http://www.esbnyc.com/index2.cfm?CFID=38238998&CFTOKEN=20677670 ), The Madson Square Garden, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Times Square and the Madame Tussauds Museum ( Museu de cera ). I stayed in NY city for 2 days and it wasn't enough to enjoy as much as wanted. When you're in N.Y city the time flies and when you see the time, it's time to go home.
Ow...I almost forgot. I went to the Bronx to watch a baseball game. The New York Yankees the biggest baseball time in the U.S ! I have no words to describe it.

I'm gonna give one advice. If you one day you guys have a chance to go abroad, no matter where is the place, just go ! You will see how wonderful is to know other culture, speak another language and meet different people.

You anybody wants some help or just ask about anything on my trip like, VISA, passport, tickets, I can help you. I'm saying that because I got everything on my own to my trip, since the passport until the VISA. I didn't have any help of agency or something like that.

See you guys !

Avatar do usuário Logan18 20
I've never been abroad but I'd like so much to have some opportunity someday to know a new culture and new countries, hey rafael I liked so much you history and I saw you have a great time there in U.S.

Good luck for all you who think of travel abroad.
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
Logan, not so curiously enough, "I've never been abroad" sounds like "I've never been a broad" (a girl)! But no, I've never left here, although I wish I'd go visit (with) my niece who lives in Corals Springs FL. Those who can will hop on a jet airplane and land there at their destination. Those who can't like me and my big ideas won't.
No, I've been always here, in Brazil, very quiet, but waiting the chance to get out of here at once! But I think I'm close, I'm thinking in doing a test to get a scholarship in the USA, but I don't know if my school will accept that. Well, first of all I have to get into this school (in Brazil - Military School of Belo Horizonte, I passed the first phase, Math, in 3rd or 4th :D, next phase is Portuguese, in November 7th!), after that, I'll have to ask them if they accept that. I hope so. Pray for me!
hello folks!

first time writing here... so, I've been one week in NY as well (when I read the post of Flavia I miss all the things there!!), just for a week too... it was great! My first time abroad and out of São Paulo, once I've never been out of the state... so, everything was great, the places, the people, a lot of things was out of my plans and give me a lot of good histories to tell to anyone... some of those a little dangerous...rsrs I'll tell until for my grandchildren!! ahahh..

another one was in Calgary-Canada, I've taken a one-month english course... was great as well!!! every place, people, things... it's like a movie in my mind.. worth going... in my opinion, travel is the best investiment of your money!

see ya!

yes, I had ever been abroad for one month in 2008, at Totonto, Canadá. I studied in ILAC english school. It was a good time, I knew a several cultures. I stayed in a homestay (Tailand).
It was very cool.

See you!
No, never.

Actually, yes! I live a hundred and fifty kilometers far from Foz do Iguaçu, so I've already been to Paraguay and Argentina a number of times. But those are not very interesting experiences, since I go there only for shopping.
Sure! I went to Tennessee when there was summer time and was very nice. I don't can speak a good english and did a lot of mistakes trying express my thoughts but the people could understand me pretty good. I got some help at aircraft, even there I don't found any people working who understand my language, so...there everybody was speaking english, american english.

I got TN from Miami and there I had to talk to the customs and the officer asked me same thing. So, I answered him "yes, this time is my first time out from my country and I'm not sure if I'm speaking enough to be understood" and then I got some relief because the officer could understanding me.

I went to places that I had to speak basic things such as beauty salon, mall, supermarket. Of course, I was just visiting friends and also had a trip to beautiful places like Natchez Trace Parkway, the Old Natchez Trace, and went until Alabama. Very nice.

The second time I still don't know when will be, but I can tell you how I did there.
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No, but I will be traveling to toronto-CA next month for an exchange program. I can't wait for it, I'm so excited that I'm counting the days :D