have you x do you have

Hello mates...
I've gotten a new problem to you...
I was watching a movie today and I found out that the girl said :
"Have you (a) family...."(meaning possession) instead saying "do you have a family..."

Is this anykinda expression? and is it used only in the informal spoken english ?
Because according to what I've learned , "have" is used to talk about :
possession : Do you have a dog?
She has a huge boyfriend
and meals(when it's about food of course):
I have luch at midday
She is not having luch this week

and as an auxiliar verb of present perfect or present perfect continuous:
Have you ever been abroad?
They have been struggling to get there.
She has just gone out!

Thanks in advantage :D

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Donay Mendonça 23 126 1.7k
Hello Guto,

Você pode dizer:

a)Have you a big family?
b)Have you a sister?

Porém é muito menos comum do que " do you have" ou "have you got"."Have you got" é mais comum no Reino Unido.

Good luck!