"Help to improve" x "Help improve": Qual é o certo?

Ricardo Goulart 35 2
Hello! Folks !

I' am an English teacher, but I have a doubt about this sentence " This book was written to help students improve their knowledge "

Wasn't it supposed to be " Help students to improve " ?

Something else

I'd like to be the meaning of this expression or Phrasal verb: To make tick!

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Donay Mendonça 60555 21 100 1466
Olá Ricardo Goulart,

Both options are acceptable.Have a look at these examples:

a)She helped him understand it.(Ela o ajudou a entender.)

b)She helped him to understand it.(Ela o ajudou a entender.)

Good luck!

Ricardo Goulart 35 2

Thanks for the explanation, it helped so much, besides, this site has been helping so much!

I'd like to know if the expression " To make tick" means " Imitar alguém ", because there is this expression in one of the books, and I'll have to teach this class in one week and I didn't find it in any dictionary and neither any site!

One teacher told me thet it means " Imitar alguém " but she isn't sure!
If you can help me once again, I'd be very glad and pleased, for sure!

Thanks for your help!

Donay Mendonça 60555 21 100 1466
Olá Ricardo,

Veja um exemplo prático:

I don´t really know what makes her tick.(Eu não sei bem porque ela se comporta assim,age assim.)

What makes sb tick: O porque do comportamento de alguém,compreensão disso.

S005 35 1
olá, futuquei bastante tb a net e encontrei um site...

what makes someone tick (informal), what motivates someone
Eg.: People are curious to know what makes these men tick.


Liacassia 30
Hi, Ricardo! (Returning to the topic)

When I read the items on the Oxford Dictionary mentioned on the post I thought to myself :

…the expression “tick someone off” means “make someone annoyed or angry”…
Wouldn’t it be possible to assume that the allegedly Portuguese meaning “imitar” might have been misconfused with the word “irritar”?

Well ... Just wandering … and just sharing the thoughts.

That´s it!

Flavia.lm 4055 1 10 94
Complementando o tópico:

Help is a verb that can be used with or without to and with or without an object before the infinitive. When we use it without an infinitive it sometimes sounds more informal. Compare the following:

Could you help me to look for my car keys? I can't find them anywhere.
Could you help me look for my car keys? I can't find them anywhere.
Would you like to help to cook dinner tonight? It's late and I'm feeling tired.
Would you like to help cook dinner tonight? It's late and I'm feeling tired.

fonte: BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learn ... v226.shtml

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