Lista de substantivos em inglês terminados em ING

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Galera eu preciso de uma lista de substantivos com a terminação ing.
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You could just read this list.

But, careful! you might find interesting to know that...

Nouns Ending In -ing, -ed, Or -er
About half the nouns in this course may have the endings -ing, -ed, or -er.
If the ending is -ing, it is an action;
If the ending is -ed, it is the thing receiving the action.
If the ending is -er, it is the doer of the action.

Nouns with -ing
give ear to the training of your father.
let us overcome them living.
their feet are running after evil.
Wisdom is crying out in the street.
her words are sounding in the meeting places.
In the day of trouble I will be laughing.
Nouns with -ed
to be trained in the ways of wisdom.
to make the simple-minded sharp.
to no purpose is the net stretched out.
the man of good sense will be wisely guided.
you were not controlled by my guiding.
he has salvation stored up for the upright.
Nouns with -er
a delight to haters of authority.
the evil designs of the sinner.
having no chief overseer or ruler.
give teaching to a wise man and he will become wiser.
the hand of the ready worker gets in wealth.


Word Classes
"As an example of borderline cases in lexical word classes, take the classification of words ending with -ing. Almost all of these words have a verb base, so it is easy to assume that all words ending in -ing are verbs. However, this conclusion is not correct. In fact, these words can belong to any of three different classes: verb (sometimes called the -ing participle), noun, or adjective (sometimes called participial adjective). Normally, the following tests can be applied to determine the word class:

Verbs ending in -ing can act as the main verb of a verb phrase, and may be followed by a noun or an adjective . . .: e.g. is eating lunch; becoming misty overnight.
Nouns ending in -ing can sometimes have a plural form (e.g. paintings), and can usually be a head noun after a, the, or some other determiner: e.g. [the banning of some chemicals], [her dancing].
Adjectives ending in -ing can appear before a noun, and can also occur after verbs such as be and become: e.g. the travelling public; it was (very) confusing. They are very often gradable, and can be preceded by degree adverbs such as very, so, and too: very forgiving, so interesting, too boring.
But these criteria cannot always be applied."
(Douglas Biber at al., Longman Student Grammar of Spoken English. Pearson, 2002)
vinicius silva 10
Alguem poderia colocar substantivos com ing com tradução eu ainda tenho duvida
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Algumas sugestões com tradução:

Building: construção
Training: treinamento
Reading: leitura
Spelling: ortografia
Painting: pintura
Ending: fim, final
Beginning: começo, início
Learning: aprendizado
Clothing: roupas
Outing: passeio

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