Lista dos principais Phrasal Verbs do inglês

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Vi que o assunto de "Phrasal verbs" ja foi relacionado aqui no forum e muito bem abordado.

Neste topico segue apenas uma lista de alguns "Phrasal verbs".

Back up: apoiar, proteger.
Be back: voltar.
Be in: estar em (algum lugar).
Be out: estar for a de (algum lugar).
Be over: terminar.
Blow up: exploder.
Break down: parar de funcionar.
Bring up: educar, criar.
Call off: cancelar.
Carry on: continuar.
Catch up: atingir.
Clear up: esclarecer, melhorar.
Come off: resultar, suceder.
Cut off: desconectar.
Drop in: visitar.
Fall off: diminuir.
Fill in: preencher, completer.
Find out: descobrir.
Fix up: consertar.
Get back: recuperar.
Get in: entrar.
Get on: progredir.
Get out: sair de (algum lugar).
Get over: vencer, recuperar se de.
Get up: levanter.
Give up: desistir.
Go on: continuar.
Go out: sair.
Hold on: esperar.
Hold up: demorar.
Keep out: excluir.
Keep up: manter.
Let down: desapontar.
Look after: proteger.
Look for: procurer.
Look out: ser cuidadoso.
Look up: consultar.
Make up: inventar.
Make up for: desculpar-se por algo.
Overlook: descuidar.
Pay back: devolver.
Pick up: pegar, buscar.
Point out: apontar.
Put on: vestir.
Put off: postergar, adiar.
Put up: acomodar.
Ring up: telefonar.
Ring after: perseguir.
Run away: fugir, escapar.
Run out: apagar, rasurar.
Sell out: esgotar, vender tudo.
Stay up: ficar acordado até tarde.
Take in: enganar, fraudar.
Take off: remover.
Take out: acompanhar alguém.
Take up: começar, iniciar.
Think about: pensar em.
Throw away: jogar fora.
Turn down: rejeitar.
Turn on: ligar.
Turn off: desligar.
Wake up: acordar.
Work out: funcionar, exercitar-se.

See you!

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Thomas 7 61 291
Nice list, Jedson! Phrasal verbs often have more than one meaning. I've listed a few.

and other meanings...

Back up: em marcha à ré (Let's put the car in reverse and leave.)
Be in: estar de moda (White shoes are in this summer.)
Break down: simplificar, desarmar (Let me break it down for you: you are NOT going to the party! - I broke down the bed so I could put it into the truck.)
Bring up: mencionar (I hate to bring this up, but it's getting late and I need to get some sleep.)
Carry on: reclamar, namorar, comportar-se mal (He was carrying on about paying too much in taxes. - They were carrying on in the living room. - I don't want to hear that you were drinking and carrying on.)
Cut off: interromper (I was telling you about my sweater collection when you cut me off.)
Get back: ficar afastado (Get back! The house is on fire!)
Go out: namorar (Liz and I have gone out for six months.)
Hold on: aguentar (The ambulance is coming. Hold on!)
Hold up: assaltar (The bandits held up the bank.)
Keep out: "Proibido entrar"
Look up: procurar (When I was in Paraguay, I looked up an old friend.)
Make up: fazer as pazes (They argued last night and made up today.)
Make up for: fazer compensas (Please let me make for not taking you to dinner last week.)
Overlook: não ser exigente (Please overlook my mistakes.)
Pay back: vingar (They attacked our village last week, but this week we attacked theirs. We paid them back for their treachery.)
Point out: mostrar, indicar (Can you point out Pão de Açúcar to me? - She pointed out I had not repaid the loan.)
Ring up: cobrar algo (I want to buy this hat. Can you ring it up for me?)
Sell out: ser mercenário (He sold out and went to play soccer for a team in Spain that paid more money.)
Take in: acomodar, observar cada detalhe (The family takes in boarders. - She took in every detail of the landscape.)
Take off: ir-se (The airplane took off at dawn.)
Take up: começar a aprender (She took up the piano.)
Turn on: ficar excitado (Victoria's Secret turns me on.)
Turn off: enojar (Her bad habits turn me off.)
Work out: dar certo (I hope the new job works out.)
Ring after: perseguir. I think you mean "to run after"

You did a great job!