Look x See x Watch: Qual a diferença

Hey guys. Estou com essa duvida , quando utilizar um. Quando utiliza o outro. !

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Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k
Observe os exemplos de uso, que neste caso é a melhor forma de se explicar as diferenças.

1. Look: olhar

a. Don't look at the cat. [Não olhe para o gato.]
b. Look at the board. [Olhe para o quadro.]
c. Look! [Olhe!]
d. What are you looking at?[O que você está olhando?]

2. See: ver

a. I see the house. [Eu vejo a casa.]
b. Do you see me?[Você me vê?]
c. I can't see the dog. [Eu não consigo ver o cachorro.]
d. Did you see the movie? [Você viu(assistiu) o filme?]

3. Watch: assistir

a. Let's watch the game. [Vamos assistir o jogo.]
b. Will you watch the movie? [Você vai assistir o filme?]
c. Can I watch the cartoon?[Eu posso assistir o desenho?]

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I'd like to know whether we use "see" or "watch" with films. I once read in a dictionary that there is a difference: "to watch sth" is used with TV programs and "to see sth" with shows, films and matches. Although, I watched Jornal Hoje last week and, during a report on the return of drive-in fashion in New York, one of the interviewees said "watch movies". Whom or what I shoud I trust?
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Rule of the thumb:
You "watch" something that you are intently seeing. You choose to watch it, a movie, a TV show etc. The Cambridge dictionary definition goes "to look at something for a period of time, especially something that is changing or moving."

You "see'' by just perceiving with the eyes, you just notice it.
Sometimes (talking in general) you can use it with the meaning of watching as in: "Did you see that documentary on Channel 4 last night?" So, context is everything here.

Cambridge here defines it as "to be conscious of what is around you by using your eyes."

Look, in general, the same as "see". But there are others slightly different senses, look it up here:

http://dictionary.cambridge.org/diction ... k_1?q=look

Juliana Rios 24 105 394
Simon, "watching a movie" sounds okay to me, and so does "watching a show". I wouldn't worry too much about word choice in this case, regardless of minor nuances that different combinations may carry. I suspect people would be more likely to say "see a movie" when referring to an actual movie theater than they would when referring to watching it on TV, for instance, and that "watching a show" is more common than "seeing a show". If ever in doubt, just follow your instincts and you should be fine. :lol:

P.S.: Disregard my last comment.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Yes, you watch a movie (if you talk about sitting in a chair or going to the theater) and "did you see the movie?" (here talking in a general way, there is an overlapping of meaning here). However, I believe no one would sue you if you used one or the other.
Seeing a show (a TV programme), with that sense of "watching" doen´t seems like common to me, but seeing a show (a public event where an artist performs) seems likely.
A bit of (educated) guess work here, I mean, from what I searched on the Web and Dictionaries.
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