Música: Strong - One Direction

Eu estava ouvindo essa música e ouvi algumas frases ou expressões contidas nessas frases que eu não entendi o significado:
"My hands, your hands tight up " - O quer dizer "tight up"?
"My heart, your heart sit tight like bookends" - O que quer dizer "sit tight" e bookends"?
"How much love that's been wasted"
"Move on to stop their heart breaking" - O que quer dizer "move on" e heart breaking"?
"I'm running from"
"So baby hold on to my heart"
"Need you to keep me from falling apart"
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Tight up means "apertado, junto". So, in this part of that song they are tryna say that "their hands are touching". In Portuguese, "as mãos estão apertadas".

Sit tight I got it like "sit down carefully" and the another word I've look up and find that means something where you put your book on top.

Spend/spent means loosing time doing something that you don't have or need to. So, in this case, they are trying to say " look at all this time we've already lose with love"