Para inscrever no TOEFL preciso de passaporte e CNH?

Para se inscrever no TOEFL precisa ter passaporte e carteira de motorista?

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No, to register to the TOEFL you don´t need those documents. ... t-a-glance

On the other hand, if you are going to take the TOEFL, you (and many of those TOELF test-takers) are planning to go abroad to study, take some course or participate of some study program.
So, in such case, would be advisable to have them. Notice: in English-speaking countries, one must bear one International driver licence, if memory serves me well.
Without passport chances are that you get stuck in the Airport, if you ever manage to get there.

I anwered "no", because sometimes one takes the test, TOEFL or otherwise just out of curiosity, to know how will be the score, his level of English etc...
And there are the students that live in an English-speaking country, so they don´t need those. Anyway, you have an idea how language matters, the way a question is worded influence the end result/the answer. ;)