Por que você quer aprender inglês?

Qual a maior razão, motivo ou circunstância que te levou a querer aprender inglês?
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I love the language, it was fun. Then it was challenging, intellectually challenging, maybe I don´t like easy things.

Plus, I noticed that if I learned English I would listen a song and then I wouldn´t be misled by some faulty translation, I would be able to know what they were saying in the movies.

Some time after I got puzzled by some manuals, then someone got in his head that I could put my English to use, a friend was asked to translate a universal remote control manual for him.

Then I stumbled upon some message boards, and also Newspapers in English, and I got acquainted with the novels of Grisham.
Darnit I don't even know how I should start, but here we go. Everything started out when I was watching the tv show The arrow, which used to be the best tv show till the writers decided to mess it up, anyway. I was watching it, and the episode was mad good to wait to watch it with subtitles the next day.

I was like I need to watch this now, and I did, I watched it without getting even a single word.I said to myself "Why do the people who make up those subtitles can speak it and you don't, They are not smarter than you, come on you can do this too" I guess that episode was the spark that sparked my willing to learn this amasome language.since then I haven't watched any movie either with Portuguese subtitles or in Portuguese.Then I knew of Hollywood undead. What a band! I got around to listening to their songs, their interviews, Tried to sing just like them. It helped me improve my English from 3% to 15%.

As I've always been into raps in portuguese. I thought why not to try this hobby in English? Then I looked up some raps and bands, I found Eminem. With a weak English, I started out enjoying his music, The style he raps(I used to focus only on grammar, Then I decided to quit grammar, You know Learn from what people say native speakers say and any question that I get I google it) after listening to his songs, My English started to be improved again I was already able to watch tv shows without subtitles.

I got into rap community deeply. I even started to jot my own raps, And share them with my friends(Native speaker friends who are into this too) and thats it, Pardon my french, But I still keep spazing with the pen, and it still has gotten me motivational to learn vocabulary like Itty bitty, izzle, iggity, biggity, diggity and whatnot...

I would write more, but nobody would really read it If I do.
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Yes, we learn from the things we have interest in. Music, comics, TV shows, news, travels, engineering, studies, aviation, cars, computers... Anything goes.