Qual a diferença entre "bunch" e "handful"?

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Olá galera, queria saber a diferença entre as duas palavras acima, quando indicam um quantidade de pessoas, grupos e coisas. (Um monte, um punhado)

Por exemplo,

The game was dominated by a handful of players.
The game was dominated by a bunch of players.

Há alguma diferença no emprego dessas palavras?

Thnks you all in advance!

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Yes, Rakell.

A handful is always going to be a relatively small number of things, regardless of what you are talking about - people, coins, ideas, friends, elephants coming down to the waterhole to drink, etc.

Here's a general ranking from less to more:
1) one (a) (a friend came over - ONE)
2) a couple (of) (a couple of friends came over - ONLY TWO)
3) a few (a few friends came over - MAYBE 3-5)
4) a handful (of) (a handful of friends came over - MAYBE 3-7)
5) a bunch (of) (a bunch of friends came over - MAYBE 5-15)
6) a whole bunch (of) (a whole bunch of friends came over - MAYBE 10-20)
7) a lot (of) / lots of (a lot of friends came over - MAYBE 20-30)
8) a whole lot (of) (a whole lot of friends came over - MAYBE UP TO 50)
9) a ton (of) (a ton of friends came over - MORE FRIENDS THAN YOU ACTUALLY HAVE!)
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Oooh, good question!

You're talking about quantity, so we have to identify "how many" each expression represents.

Let's see, and please comment on my comments if you have any comments.

A bunch generally means a lot. Not a whole lot, but not a few either. If the game is touch football, for example, to say there was a bunch of kids playing might mean between 10 and 20 kids.

If there was a bunch of players dominating a game, you might think of the same number (10 - 20) taken out of a larger number.

A handful is about the number of objects or items you can fit into a closed fist. What do people usually have in their hands and hold onto with a closed fist? Maybe coins, some paper clips, a group of pencils, some popcorn. With that in mind, you might be thinking of a number anywhere between 3 and 7. Any more than that and you're getting into "a bunch" territory!

In the example given, a game being dominated by a handful of players might mean just 4 guys or gals out of a relatively higher number.

Hope you enjoy!

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By what I understood - bunch means "um monte" of people something between 10 - 20 people.

A bunch, on the other "hand", means a quantity of something measured by what a hand can hold in - It would be "um punhado" of people something between 3 - 7 people according to what you said

Is that right, isn't?? Thank you very much for your answer helped a lot!
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Júnior, I think "a hanful of" means very little, things that you can count easily.
Our "pouquíssimos","um número bem pequeno de"
Am I right, Joshua?