Self-teaching English: Any good methods?

Hi Everyone :) ,

I'm a newcomer to this forum and I'd appreciate your help. I've found English Experts recently, and I must say that you guys do an incredible job here. For some time now, I've been checking your tips and guides, but I'm having trouble with what is called "Real English", I mean... English language applied in real life/social situations.
I used to learn English at school, so I guess I have some grammar base and prior experience. In addition, most of what I know comes from pocasts, music, series and some occasional online chit-chat with other English speakers. However, I never took a course (I can't afford one at this moment) or had the opportunity to talk in English with someone else besides online acquaintances. So, I'd like to know if you have a helpful method to improve conversational and writing skills.

I'd be very glad if you could help me and, I apologise for any mistakes in my English.

Thanks in advance.
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My suggestion:

- Autodidata em inglês

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