Should we tell Americans they're ignorant?

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Emma Kay Tocci: TEDxNYUAD

Nesta aula, o professor Adir Ferreira, autor do livro "A Chave do Aprendizado da Língua Inglesa", nos conta como se tornou um Expert em pronúncia e dá várias dicas para você se comunicar melhor em inglês. ACESSAR AULA
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The more I know, I know, I know the less. John Owen (1616–1683)

Paraphrasing Socrates "The more I know the more I know there is to know. The more I see the more I know there is to be seen."
That many dramatists have passed on by way of the sentence "the more I know, the more I know I don’t know." :-)

Mrs. Emma describes well what happens everywhere, including ourselves in Brazil. The cover of the Times reminds us of the TV networks that encompass radio, magazines, etc, making culture and information uniform, and bland.
The second parallel is that everything is South-Southeast-centred, so how the country can solve (or even imagine) things in the North or Northeast? How we can speak of the Indian people, for instance? And so on and so forth?
Many of us don't know about the 730 km we share with France (French Guiana with Amapa border), which makes Brazil be invited to European meetings as an observer.
Yep, we can tell the Americans they are ignorant, but we could be reminded of our glass roof! :-)
Anyway, we could point fingers at them, and preemptively at ourselves. :-)
Nesta aula, a professora Camila Oliveira ensina vários macetes para você nunca mais se confundir na hora de dizer as horas em inglês. ACESSAR AULA
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The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.
[Albert Einstein]
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