Side by Side

Side by side is the book that the teachers at the Literacy Center loved. It is for beginners through (I don`t know, maybe low intermediate). Students who tested after learning with Side by Side showed gains (improvements) in their scores. Many of our readers are too advanced to benefit from this book, but for the beginners, it is a good choice.

You can purchase it here: ... &x=14&y=18

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fgsacco 2
Hello Mary,

I remember I began my studies with this book, my first teacher, who had lived in US for an year, recommended it to me.

It's very good indeed.
Thanks you,
Hey guys, I'm an english teacher too and nowadays I'm having few troubles about searching a new material to work with students, because I'd like to teach them more vocabulary and conversation, but I just find books that have their focus on grammar, actually I'm working with New Interchange, but I don't really fell this material is what I need to, so please let me aware of your sugestions, I'd like a book that could show students a kind of word list before showing the texts we're going to work in class.

So teachers, can you share the materials and opinions you have?

thanks a lot ...
Yeah, I see.... but I really miss conversation on it..